What Are Short Skis Called?

What Are Short Skis Called? - snowfeet*

Have you ever seen someone on the slopes gliding effortlessly on what appear to be shorter than usual skis? Those aren't regular skis, they're known by several names, including skiboards, snowblades, skiblades, snowfeet, short skis, and mini skis. In this article, we'll explore what these short skis are, their history, and why they're becoming increasingly popular.

Short skis have been around since the late 1990s and were originally known as skiboards. They were designed as an alternative to traditional skis for people who wanted a more freestyle-oriented ride. Skiboards are typically shorter than regular skis and are around 75-110cm in length. They are wider than traditional skis, with a waist width of 8-10cm, allowing for greater stability and easier balance.

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As the sport evolved, so did the name. Skiboards began to be called snowblades or skiblades, which are now commonly used terms to describe these short skis. Skiblades or snowblades typically have a length of 75-100cm and a slightly wider waist of 10-12cm, providing better control and stability when making quick turns and maneuvers.

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Recently, another type of short ski has emerged, known as Snowfeet. These are essentially mini skis that strap directly onto your boots, allowing you to slide down the slopes with ease. Snowfeet are a new innovation in the world of winter sports, and they are becoming increasingly popular among people who want to try something different on the slopes.

The rise in popularity of short skis can be attributed to a few factors. For one, they offer a more playful and freestyle-oriented ride compared to traditional skis. Short skis allow for more creativity and control over your movements, making them a great option for terrain parks and freestyle skiing.

Skiboards snowblades skiblades short skis mini skis little skis

Short skis are also more versatile than traditional skis, as they can be used on both groomed runs and off-piste terrain. Their compact size makes them easier to maneuver through tight spaces, making them a popular choice for those who like to ski in trees or other challenging terrain.

Another reason for their popularity is that they're easier to learn on for beginners. Short skis require less effort to turn and control, which can be helpful for those just starting out on the slopes.

Skiboards short skis mini skis little skis Snowblades skiblades

In conclusion, short skis go by many names, including skiboards, snowblades, skiblades, snowfeet, short skis, and mini skis. Whatever you choose to call them, they are a fun and versatile option for those who want a different skiing experience. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, short skis can provide a unique and exciting ride that is sure to be a memorable experience.


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