Mini Skis - All You Need to Know

Mini Skis - All You Need to Know

Mini skis, also known as short skis, are the newest member of winter sports family. 

These skis are shorter than traditional skis and are typically less than 120 cm in length. Mini skis have gained popularity in recent years as a fun alternative to traditional skiing, and they have been designed to be used in various snow conditions, including powder, groomed runs, and terrain parks.

In today's article, we will have a closer look at them and the new possibilities they bring. Or you can watch this pretty cool video: 

So, what is the purpose of mini skis?

Mini skis are primarily designed for freestyle skiing and terrain park riding. They are also great for those who enjoy playing in the snow and want to try out some new tricks. 

Mini skis are also an excellent option for beginners who want to learn skiing without committing to longer skis. The shorter length of the mini skis makes them more manageable and easier to control. 

But are mini skis easier to use than traditional skis?

It really depends on your skiing experience and ability level. Mini skis are generally considered to be easier to maneuever and control than traditional skis, making them a popular choice for beginners. This applies mainly to skiboards and snowblades, ranging from 65 to 120 cm. 

Apart from skiboards, you can also encounter the smallest possible skis there are, sometimes called Skiskates, or Snowfeet. These tiny skis might be difficult for traditional skiers, since they resemble skating on snow more that anything else. On the other hand, they will be complete natural for hockey players and ice-skaters. 

Snowfeet mini skis skiskates for snow

How do you use mini skis?

If you already got your pair, and you are just looking for a tutorial, we've got you: 

When it comes to using mini skis, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, it's essential to wear the proper gear, including a helmet, goggles, and gloves. Mini skis can be used in a variety of snow conditions, but it's important to choose the right ski for the conditions you will be skiing in.

Mini skis such as Snowfeet or Skiskates work the best on a groomed slope. Snowfeet are our choice for cross-country skiing, too. 

Carving and powder are not really possible with the tiniest skis, but you will manage pretty well with Skiboards 99 or 120 cm long. 

Are mini skis good for beginners?

The answer is yes, they are! Mini skis are an excellent option for beginners as they are more manageable and easier to control.

Skiboards are probably the best choice for beginners. They are light and easy to manuever. Skiboards allow beginners to focus on learning the basic techniques of skiing without worrying about the added challenge of controlling longer skis.

Skiboards snowblades skiblades by Snowfeet
Hockey players and ice skates will probably find Skiskates and Snowfeet easier, since they resemble skating on snow even more than skiing. 

We discuss the best beginners skis in this article, so if you wish to learn more check it out!

Do mini skis go slower than traditional skis?

The answer is not necessarily. Mini skis can reach high speeds, but they are not as stable as longer skis, which can make them feel slower. However, the shorter length of the skis means that you can turn more quickly and change direction faster, which can make the overall experience feel faster.

But the main point is - you will not be able to tell!  Most of us uses skis on regular ski slopes where you can achieve the same speed with long and short skis. The only place where we could see some difference would be Olympic games! 

Snowfeet mini skis, downhill skiing, combination of skiing and skating. Skiskating, new winter sport, ski-shoe attachments.

Can you cross country ski on mini skis?

The answer is yes, you can! Mini skis can be used for cross country skiing, and they are amazing for that purpose.

In Snowfeet, we have come up with short Nordic skis, which resemble regular cross-country skis.  

But what we really love to do is using Snowfeet for cross country skiing. They are super light, super easy and you can put them into your backpack while hiking. Check for yourself. 

In conclusion, mini skis are an excellent alternative to traditional skis, and they offer a unique and exciting skiing experience.

They are perfect for beginners, freestyle skiers, and anyone looking to try something new on the slopes. With the right gear, technique, and snow conditions, mini skis can be a fun and exhilarating way to enjoy the winter sports season.

Have you tried mini skis? What do you think of them? Let us know in the comments bellow! 


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Are skiboards allowed in all ski centers?

Anna from Snowfeet*

Anna from Snowfeet*

Hi Andre,

great to hear from you! All of them are great choice – it depends only on your skiing style and personal choice.

Snowfeet and Skiskates are mini skis. Snowfeet are light and fun option, made from plastic, Skiskates are basically tiny skis, more suitable for faster ride on the slopes. Snowfeet will be a great choice for both slopes and cross-country trails.

Skiboards are similar to regular long skis but they are shorter (varying from 65 to 120 cm) and wider. These qualities make them better choice than long skis for almost anybody: they are more stable yet lighter, plus they are super easy to learn.

They bring advantages to both beginners, providing them with some extra support, and pros who want to try out new tricks and explore new possibilities.

Let us know which models you consider and we can help you choose the best possible option.




What is the difference between snowfeet, skiskates and skiboards? Which ones are the best?