Two College Dropouts Developed the Shortest Skis in the World – Snowfeet*!

Two College Dropouts Developed the Shortest Skis in the World – Snowfeet*! - snowfeet*

Have you ever wished to have more freedom in the snow? Not to be burdened by heavy long skis or have your feet trapped in one position on a snowboard? And also, what if you like to carry your equipment around with you for spontaneous free rides? 

In the beginning, there's always a simple idea, the most important thing, however, is to make it a reality. So, one thing led to another and the new winter sports gear called Snowfeet* was born.

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Gear up for your next winter adventure

What is Snowfeet*? 

Snowfeet* is essentially like ice skates for snow – a combination of skiing and skating. These light and short mini skis turn your snowboard boots or winter shoes into ski skates!

„You won't find an easier way to enjoy yourself in the snow" (Gear Culture).


Where is Snowfeet* Produced? 

Snowfeet* originated and are manufactured in a small hilly country in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic. These mini skis were developed by two longtime college friends. In 2018, Michael Podešva and Zbyněk Šuba have decided to leave college and get fully into their business in order to get their shortest skis to ski resorts all over the world.

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How was Snowfeet* Invented?

When Zbyněk was a young boy, he used to own a pair of simple plastic mini skis called Kluski and loved sliding down the hiking trails with them. As both friends have been passionate about skiing and ice hockey since they were little, they got the groundbreaking idea of creating a new winter sport - skiskating.

There were some attempts in the past to bring out similar products but none of them had the potential and the design quality to stand the test of time. Therefore, Michael and Zbyněk decided to make their product to perfection and set the goal to make ski skating an Olympic sport one day, just the same way that Burton helped to create snowboarding.

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The company got the same name as the productSnowfeet* and wants to spread this new winter sport all over the world! 

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 Why is Snowfeet* special?

The compactness and portability of Snowfeet* allow users to go to places where the ordinary snowboard or skis will encounter difficulty. The greatest advantage though is the versatility when it comes to footwear, as you can use these skis without needing any special ski boots

Snowfeet Skiskates

These are simple "snap on and go" snow skates that take you through the snow with incredible ease. And what is more, these are not suitable for ski slopes only, it's quite the opposite. Enjoy the winter in a different way and use Snowfeet* on any snowy terrain, from hiking paths to cross-country trails


„Far more portable – and affordable – than traditional skis or snowboards“ (UNCRATE). 


Available in multiple colours

Why is Snowfeet* popular?

The boys are determined and they've already achieved a few significant achievements along the way. Their online content, which they are creating themselves to spread the word about ski skating and to present their vision of the future of winter sports, has engaged the attention of more than 50 million people. 

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With such support from the public, it was no wonder that their crowdfunding campaigns have earned more than 1 million dollars. This success excited the interest of the general public and the Snowfeet* sensation made its appearance in global media including ForbesBusiness Insider, Reuters, The Weather Channel, and Mashable.

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It is obvious that what started as a simple idea has now reached popularity among winter sports enthusiasts and has also become a sought after sports gear also for roller-skaters to continue with their beloved sport during the winter. To open the new ways to present Snowfeet* in the sports world, the company is currently trying to start a partnership with the biggest sports equipment stores like Dick's Sporting Goods, Intersport, Decathlon or Hervis Sport

Zbynek and Michael are not holding back and continue to develop their ideas and introduce new innovative products under the Snowfeet* brand. They claim: We’re on a mission to make ski skating a new big thing among winter sports!

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Good luck!


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Hi there, say one’s using SnowFeet on a steep hill – is the “snow plow” method which beginner skiers use pretty easy to do with Snowfeet? thanks!!

Anna from Snowfeet*

Anna from Snowfeet*

Hi Vena,
Snowfeet are not really suitable for deep powder. But they are a blast on a groomed ski slope or even on a forest path, if you feel like taking them for a hike.

Courtney Labb

Courtney Labb

This company runs like it is owned by good friends. I was so impressed with how quickly my questions were responded to and the generousity and thoughtfulness that went into the interactions. Snowfeet are fun, challenging (I haven’t been skiing for 30 years!) and a fantastic workout! I recommend them for anyone looking to try something new and athletic in the snowy weather!



I was looking in the facts and blogs to find where not to use snowfeet.