What Are Shorter Skis Good for?

What Are Shorter Skis Good for? - snowfeet*

And how should I pick the right type? In this article, we will help you to decide what type of short skis is the best one for you. Buckle up, and let's dive into it. 

What is the difference between Skiboards, Skiskates, and short skis? 

They are all considered short skis, with lengths ranging up to 140 cm, but they differ in their shape and ideal style of ride. 
No matter what you call them, Snowblades, Skiboards, Skiskates, or Big foot, they are all types of short skis, usually ranging in their length from 50 cm to 140 cm. However, there are some differences which will change your experience on the snow, based on the type of short skis you will choose. 

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Skiboards are recognized by their wide shape resembling snowboards, and short length. Skiboards take pride in their unconventionally wide shape inspired by snowboards. Using wooden cores, with twin tips, which provide a firm base and great stability, they became quickly popular among both beginners and experts. Skiboards can grant you both great support when feeling unsure due to their wide base but still enough freedom to perform various tricks thanks to their short length. 

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What are Skiboards good for? 

Are you looking for great stability, an unconventional look or do you want to carve the snow on the edges like with a snowboard? Skiboards might be the thing you are looking for. Coming in the length range from 60 to 140 cm, they offer endless possibilities for both professionals and intermediates desiring to try something new. But let's not leave the beginners behind - if you are looking for something less unwieldy than regular big skis, give them a try - skiboards won't let you down. 

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Snowblades are basically regular skis, but short. 

Snowblades by Salomon

Resembling their big ski brother much more than Skiboards, Snowblades are usually narrower than Skiboards and they are made from the same material as long skis. Snowblades however provide all advantages which you are denied with long skis: they are light, easy to maneuver, they don't limit your movement on the snow, and you can carry them everywhere. 

What are Snowblades good for? 

Snowblades, basically very short skis, give you the joy of light feet when sliding the snow while preserving all the advantages of regular skis. They are a piece of great equipment for hiking trails or as a second pair of skis to pack along with your regular ones, just because they are so small and easy to carry around. 


Skiskates are very short skis which combine skiing and skateing. 

Skiskates by Snowfeet*

Skiskates are a completely different story. Combining skiing and skating, these short skis provide new possibilities for how to enjoy the ride. Skiskates work the best on the slopes but you can take them for the ride on the hiking trail, too.

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Snowfeet by Snowfeet*

Skiskates are a great extension of possibilities for roller-bladers or ice-skaters looking for an extra area to conquer, or for cross-country skiers tired of long skis. The short skis and specific skating-like movement open new possibilities for all kinds of tricks, twists, and jumps without being held down by heavy and clunky skis.  

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What are Skiskates good for? 

Skiskates allow you to combine skating and skiing while exploring slopes, snowparks, or local hills and hikes. Perfect solution for anybody missing roller-blading during the winter. Coming in different shapes and materials, they still remain very small and allow you to change any winter walk into cross-country skiing. 

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So, what are shorter skis good for?

Short skis provide you with an incredible amount of freedom. They are great for various types of terrain plus you can take them anywhere with you. Pack them up as the main skis, or a back up to your regular long skis. 

But, most importantly, they are most fun thing you can take to the slopes. 

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So, do you already have your favorite?
No matter which one you choose, the important thing is to have fun!

Let us know which one is your ski of a choice and we'll see you on the slopes.


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