Are Snowblades Banned? Are Skiboards Allowed on the Slopes?

Are Snowblades Banned? Are Skiboards Allowed on the Slopes?

Skiboards, also known as snowblades or short skis, have been a popular alternative to traditional skis since the late 1990s. They are shorter and wider than traditional skis, with a length ranging from 75 to 110 cm, making them more maneuverable and easier to turn. However, the question of whether or not skiboards are allowed on ski slopes is a controversial one. 

Are skiboards allowed on the slopes?

Yes, in general, skiboards are allowed on most ski slopes. Some ski resorts have specific rules and regulations regarding the use of skiboards but they are never too strict to affect the experience. Some ski resorts may require skiboarders to follow specific safety guidelines, such as wearing a helmet and staying within designated areas of the slopes. However, majority of ski resorts is open to any sort of short skis. 

Are snowblades banned?

No, they are not. Snowblades, which are also a type of short ski, are generally allowed on ski slopes as well. Again, some ski resorts may have some extra rules for skiboards, such as wear a helmet. However, most ski resorts considers snowblades regular skis and you won't need to take any extra steps to enjoy the ride. 

Are snowfeet allowed on the ski resort?

Snowfeet, also known as snow skates, are a newer addition to the winter sports scene. They are small and lightweight devices that attach to the user's boots, allowing them to slide down the slopes like skis or snowboards. Although we recommend to check if the ski resort is allowing Snowfeet, you are not very likely to experience any troubles when it comes to riding Snowfeet at any ski resort.  

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In general, you can always check before bringing skiboards, snowblades, or snowfeet to a ski resort. However, short skis are a favourite winter sports gear and they are allowed in almost all ski resort. 


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