Snowfeet X | Mini Ski Skates

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snowfeet mini skates for snow skiskates snowskates snowblades skiboards. Turn your shoes into mini ski. Attach Snowfeet to your winter or snowboard boots. Free Shipping. Worldwide shipping. 30 Day Money Back. 100% Quality Guarantee

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  1. What about shoe size?

    One size fits all, so don’t worry. However, we recommend Snowfeet for shoes of size: 6-13 US / 38-47 EU.

    Adjustable bindings let you attach Snowfeet to any shoe. If you want to use Snowfeet with small size shoes, select a different hole on the strap and adjust the bindings using a screwdriver. If you use large snowboard boots, you can replace the original front toe straps with extra straps. For people with small shoe size, we generally recommend using snowboard boots to make sure Snowfeet fit perfectly, although it’s not necessary. To avoid hassle on the slopes, take your time and adjust the bindings at the comfort of your home, using a screwdriver and a shoe you are going to wear with Snowfeet.
  1. What shoes should I use?
    Use any winter shoes or snowboard boots. We recommend waterproof shoes that fix your ankle firmly.

    Snowboard boots seem to be the best for ski slopes, but if you take Snowfeet on a hike or just to have fun on a ski slope or sledding hill, winter shoes are the most practical choice. For people with small shoe size, we generally recommend using snowboard boots to make sure Snowfeet fit perfectly, although it's not necessary.

  2. Is it hard to learn?
    Not really, it is actually pretty easy. It is as hard as learning to ski or skate.

    In fact, many people find it easier. However it takes some time and you will definitely fall now and then, but that’s part of the fun. Have you ever seen people ice-skating for the first time? That’s what I’m talking about. You have to keep the front-back balance, so it feels very natural to those who play ice hockey, ice skate, or even use inline skates. You are able to move freely as opposed to wearing heavy clunky skis. Falling is generally much safer than falling with skis or snowboard. Most importantly don't forget that learning is effortless if you enjoy the ride.

  3. How do you stop?
    You can stop the same way that you stop with your skis or skates. This is also called a hockey stop.

    Because of their size and weight, it might not be as easy to stop with Snowfeet as it is with regular skis. However, it's not really difficult either. Make sure you distribute your weight evenly over both of your Snowfeet to make you stop easier and slower. Additionally, you can also slow down using a heel brake.

  4. Where to use?
    Use them for downhill on ski slopes, in snowparks, on hiking trails, or just have fun on your local sledding hill.

    Snowfeet are best on groomed snow. Avoid extremely steep slopes and deep powder. Because Snowfeet are so small, they let you access areas like narrow hiking trails, that you wouldn’t be able to access whilst wearing skis. And because they fit into a backpack, you can take them pretty much anywhere.

  5. Do all ski resorts allow the use of Snowfeet on their slopes?
    Most of the ski resorts allow this kind of “short skis” on their slopes, but not all of them.
    Our experience is that if you act as if you were skiing with your traditional skis, no one will bother you. And if that happens anyway, argue that Snowfeet are safe and the base of Snowfeet is made of the exact same metal ski edges as all the other skis, which is the most common requirement of ski resorts. And don’t forget the great thing about Snowfeet is that you can always use them in so many other places, like hiking trails and sledding hills.

  6. Where can I buy Snowfeet?
    The best place on Earth to buy Snowfeet is this website :) The shipping is relatively affordable and fast.
    We ship literally anywhere with
    the exception of PO BOXES. Or you can order them directly from us on Amazon. Just make sure to avoid counterfeits on the internet, they’re not only illegal, but you would regret paying for a cheap knock-off that breaks during your second ride. Some of them only take your money and never deliver the counterfeit.

  7. How much is shipping and what’s the shipping time?
    FREE FREE FREE. Shipping is Free to most countries and takes 3-5 business days. We use UPS and Fedex for US, Canada, Japan, Australia and most of the world, and DPD and GLS for Europe. For a few countries where we don't offer free delivery, the shipping is relatively affordable and fast. The shipping time is usually around 4 business days, but it could be up to 8 business days, depending on the courier and the situation (COVID changed the shipping world). We always try to deliver your package as fast as possible. Just go to the checkout, fill out your shipping address and you’ll see the shipping information.

  8. Can I use them in powder?
    Snowfeet are best on groomed snow. You can use Snowfeet on powder that is not thicker than +/- 10 cm (4 in). They are great on ski slopes, snow parks, sliding hills, or hiking trails, just not in deep powder. By the way, most skis are not suited for deep powder snow either. Additionally, try to avoid extremely steep slopes and ungroomed terrain full of bumps and holes.

  9. Should I use wax?
    Of course, we recommend waxing the base regularly to make Snowfeet even faster and prevent snow from sticking to the base. While you are on a ski trip, wax the base every day.

  10. What is your return policy?
    We give you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee because we believe in our product. Make sure that the product is unused and in the original state.

  11. For media - do we have permission to use your content?
    Sure, you have our permission to use all of our content to create articles or videos about Snowfeet as long as it’s not harming us in any way. Just make sure to add a link to our website so that your audience can learn more about Snowfeet and buy them if they want to. Feel free to contact us for an interview, more information or content. 

30 000+ skiskaters

You won't go back to skis or snowboards.

Fer Sam, USA

Easily one of the best purchases I have ever made to date.

Vanessa, UK

I can’t begin to share with you how amazing they are and easy to learn as well.

John, USA


"Who needs skis when you have snowfeet?"

Patented & Award-Winning Design

The innovation finalist of ISPO, world’s biggest sports equipment trade show. The winner of one of the world's most influential design competitions A'design.

Being made in Europe, Snowfeet are made of a highly durable fiberglass reinforced material.

Fun + Freedom | On + Off Slopes

Downhill On The Slopes & Snow Parks

Use them for downhill on the ski slopes. These “boot skis” are best on groomed snow

snowfeet mini skates for snow skiskates snowskates snowblades skiboards. Turn your shoes into mini ski. Attach Snowfeet to your winter or snowboard boots. Pick your short ski and foldable wearable sleds and enjoy the ride.

Hiking Trails & Cross-country Trails

Take these short mini skis on a hike and slide down narrow hiking trails and forest paths like never before.

snowfeet mini skates for snow skiskates snowskates snowblades skiboards. Turn your shoes into mini ski. Attach Snowfeet to your winter or snowboard boots. Pick your short ski and foldable wearable sleds and enjoy the ride.

Local Sledding Hills & Your Backyard

Have fun on your local sledding hill or in your backyard with your friends and kids.



Turn Your Shoes or Snowboard Boots Into Mini Ski Skates

Just attach Snowfeet to any winter shoes or snowboard boots with bindings. We recommend waterproof shoes that fix your ankle firmly.

Snowfeet Model Comparison

Searching for top PRO quality, sticking to the budget or taking the middle course? No problem! Pick one of the three Snowfeet models and find your perfect fit.





Customer Reviews

Based on 397 reviews
Logan @xskyskaterx
The Ultimate

As a pro skater the feeling of rollerblades on my feet is the feeling of being at home. I can’t skateboard, surf, snowboard or do anything that goes sideways because of my blading background. So when my friends want to hit the mountains I have to rent some big bulky skis that make me feel like a baby giraffe trying to get around.

And then Snowfeet happened.

Using a snowboard boot gives me great comfortable ankle support and a comfortable and casual way to walk around and the feet themselves are so easy to get through the ski line and onto the lift! But the best part- SNOW PARKS

I can rip all of my inline tricks on these! Boxes and jumps and spins are all fresh and new but familiar enough to learn without bailing too much! Honestly this is my snow sport. I really can’t see myself picking up skis ever again. They are fast and agile, convenient and light, and great for shreddage. 100% recommend!

My one caveat is this- if you are a blader or rollerskater get THESE ONES. they have ribs in the middle that feel more like wheels and less like a ski.

If you are normally a skier get the SKISKATES. They have no ribs and feel more like skis (ie you can “drift” around corners)

I have tried both and these are my favorite. The skiskates are not for me because I am not a skier but if you are- they are FAST! 💨

Oliver Hartschen
Best friend "fast" out of the Box

Schnell zu erlernen, preiswert, leicht zu transportieren und mega viel Spaß.

Ich habe schon seit einiger Zeit eine Alternative gesucht womit ich nach einer Schneeschuh-Wanderung wieder herunterfahren kann. Bei Kickstarter bin ich durch Zufall auf "Assled V2" gestoßen und so auch auf Snowfeets. Ich fand das Konzept sehr interessant, also einfach 1 paar bestellt und getestet. Erstaunlich einfach zu fahren. Fühlen sich an wie Inline Skates oder Schlittschuhe und machen unheimlich viel Spaß. Ich kann es kaum erwarten die Snowfeets in Kombination mit dem "Assled V2" zu testen. Bei Lieferung sind die Kanten noch nicht geschliffen und es ist kein Wachs aufgetragen. Aber selbst so fahren die Snowfeets sich schon gut. Ich würde aber empfehlen die Kanten vor Gebrauch einmal professionell schleifen zu lassen. Getestet habe ich die Snowfeets in der Skihalle in Neuss. 5 mal die Anfänger-Piste, 7 mal ab der Mitte und dann noch 7 mal von ganz oben. Dabei nur ein mal gestürzt auf der großen Piste. Das war aber kein Problem, da man die Snowfeets fast gar nicht an den Füßen merkt, da sie so kurz sind. Bremsen über die Fersen oder Kanten auch problemlos, aber gewöhnungsbedürftig. Man muss bedenken, dass es keine Ski sind und die Snowfeets auch nicht so gefahren werden. Super ist auch, dass zum Lieferumfang eine Tasche und Wachs gehört. Ich persönlich bereue es nicht, dass ich die Snowfeets bestellt habe und kann sie auf jeden fall Weiterempfehlen.
Quick to learn, inexpensive, easy to transport and a lot of fun.

I've been looking for an alternative for some time that I can use to descend after a snowshoe hike. I stumbled across "Assled V2" on Kickstarter and so did Snowfeets. I found the concept very interesting, so just ordered 1 pair and tested them. Amazingly easy to drive. Feel like inline skates or ice skates and are a lot of fun. I can't wait to test the Snowfeets in combination with the "Assled V2". When delivered, the edges are not sanded and no wax is applied. But even so, the Snowfeets ride well. However, I would recommend having the edges professionally sanded before use. I tested the Snowfeets in the ski hall in Neuss (NRW/Germany). 5 times the beginner slope, 7 times from the middle and then 7 times from the very top. Only once fell on the big slope. But that wasn't a problem, because you hardly notice the snowfeets on your feet because they are so short. Braking over the heels or edges is also no problem, but takes some getting used to. You have to remember that they are not skis and the Snowfeets are not ridden like that. It's also great that the scope of delivery includes a bag and wax. Personally, I don't regret that I ordered the Snowfeets and I can definitely recommend them.

brian oreilly
Greatest product

I bought snowfeet because I played hockey. This is a really good product because you don’t have to worry about long skis always getting in the way. They are very fast and durable.

Aljaz Salkic
New sport?! 🔥❄️

Have you tried to fly and ride with mini tiny skies down the snowy slopes all together?!

Snowfeet and flying so much fun.🔥🤙 I can not wait to try brand new Ski skates with my flying gear🔥🪂🪂

We bought something supercool!

May I present you: snowfeet, a new way of going downhill by combining skiing and skating. You just simply strap your hiking boots in it and way down you go (I must admit, I fell frequently way down too, but hey, normal skiing or snowboarding also takes some practicing). I just really love this concept, as the snowfeet are small and lightweight, so you can walk uphill with your normal snowshoes and when you reach the top, you get the snowfeet out of your backpack and you're ready to go! They will def be packed as standard equipment for our next winter holidays.