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snowfeet mini skates for snow skiskates snowskates snowblades skiboards. Turn your shoes into mini ski. Attach Snowfeet to your winter or snowboard boots. Free shipping. 30 Days money back guarantee. High quality.


Free Snowfeet* pair for Creators

Detailed Rewards and Requirements for Creators:

Our offer / What you get
Required content
Snowfeet for Free
You'll get a free Snowfeet pair worth $190.
At least 1-3 Videos posted as reel(s) on FB/IG/TikTok/Youtube with Snowfeet* tag (snowfeet_original), or 
At least 1 standard video on IG/Youtube (link to in the description)
New followers
We will share your content with your tag =new followers for you
At least 1 Picture (posted on IG) with Snowfeet* tag (snowfeet_original)
Fun experience
Sliding downhill with Snowfeet* is so much fun! You’ll see :)
You'll give us the right to use, share and modify your content with Snowfeet*



Extra Cooperation for Creators:

Affiliate link
Make money with Snowfeet*!
You get 30% of the value of each product sold via the affiliate link
Example HERE
300$ reward
Post a video with Snowfeet* on any platform, if you reach 1M views, you get 300 USD 
Example HERE
50$ reward
Make a video of you using our products in addition to the required content and if we like it, you get 50$. The video must be a high quality resolution, entertaining and not just one shot, but compilation of shots.
Example HERE



Please note that:
  • by sharing your content with us you're granting us the rights to use, share and modify your content
  • the decision on granting the reward is based on a subjective opinion of Snowfeet*  
  • rewards will be paid off after the winter season ends
  • we're ready to answer your questions at


The aforementioned specifics of the affiliate program are valid as of 20 November 2022.