Snowfeet* Story

Snowfeet* originated in Europe, where they were developed by two roommates Zbynek and Michael. When Zbynek was a young boy, he used to own a pair of simple plastic mini skis called Kluski and loved sliding down the hiking trails with them. As both friends have been passionate about skiing and ice hockey since they were little, they got the groundbreaking idea of creating a new winter sport - skiskating.

Inspired by the story of snowboarding father Jake Burton, the founders spent countless days and nights developing the product, as they were devoted to bringing a truly perfect version of Snowfeet, which can be easily attached to winter or snowboard boots.

A great success happened when they launched a crowdfunding campaign and sold thousands of pairs in pre-order. Today, Snowfeet are being sold all over the world and who knows, the sport might even make it to the Olympic games one day.

Made in Europe

Snowfeet are mostly made locally in the Czech Republic, a country with a long tradition of manufacturing one of the best skis in the world.

Small Family Business

We are a small company of friends and family from a small town having a global ambition of creating the next big winter sport.

About Skiskating

Skiskating is essentially a combination of skiing and skating. This truly unique sport shouldn’t be confused with snowblading or skiboarding, as it genuinely feels like ice skating, just on the snow. The length of the ski base is below 50 cm (20 in) so it feels very natural to those who play ice hockey, ice skate, or even use inline skates.

Skiskates enable you to skate on snow and perform all kinds of twists, jumps, and tricks and let you access areas like narrow hiking trails you wouldn’t be able to access whilst wearing skis. And best of all, they fit into your backpack so you can take them almost anywhere.

History of Skiskating

Similar to the invention of the skis, we believe the origin of skiskates comes from mountain inhabitants thousands of years ago. The first commercially produced skiskates were probably the Dutton’s Shell Groove Skates in the 19th century from New York. Many other versions of skiskates appeared later in the 20th century all around the world such as Super Slider Sno-skates in Canada, Snowrunners in Switzerland, or the Figln in Austria.

Unlike skiing or snowboarding, the modern history of skiskating is yet to be made. We all are writers in this story with a blank page in front of us. The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Let’s make history.