Cire liquide de Snowfeet | Universel +5°C / -20°C | 41°F / -4°F | 75ml

Prix de vente$25.00

Fart liquide universel pour tous types de neige et de températures.

- A base de matières premières naturelles
- Biodégradable
- Améliore les propriétés de glissement et prend soin de la semelle
- Rapide et facile à appliquer
- Avec applicateur éponge
- Format de poche confortable pour aller et faire de la cire
- Également utilisé comme protection contre la rouille pour les carres de ski
- 75ml
- +5°C / -20°C | 41°F / -4°F

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Brian Cromwell
Love my snowfeet

I got 2 pairs of snowfeet I loved them so much had to get a different color. I am a roller skater and these are the perfect option for me when hitting the slopes. Thank you snowfeet for putting out the perfect product.

wei lau
Love Snowfeet so much

I have been to many ski mountains wearing snowfeet and it has become the focus of everyone, many people think it is incredible, and many people ask me how to ski and where to buy snowfeet, I'm going to organize a group of friends to play Snowfeet together in New York

Kevin K
Works great!

The wax was easy to apply with the dobber and works great! Definitely use outside though for ventilation as with any liquid wax.

Sylvain Lacombe

Liquid Wax | Toko Express Mini 75 ML