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Perfect for toddlers

Easy to use for small children. She was able to skate even for the first time.

Short Skis are Fun

I'm loving my new 44's. They're so agile and I'm comfortable all day. I was riding ODR ski skates before I found these. These have significantly more surface area (faster / more balance) and I don't have to keep my weight on the heels to avoid faceplants. With the ODR type ski skates your legs are under constant tension, it tires out your legs. These Snowfeet allow for a more normal ski type posture and do not tire my legs the same way. I had a lot of fun with my ODR's. Black diamonds, blues, or beginner slopes with my 5 year old were all fun. The Snowfeet are a step up. I carve better on the steep stuff and have better all around balance, with the same agility. I do take these down black diamonds and they are fun. These are my first choice for fun on the slopes. If there is more than 3 inches of powder or if it's getting slushy though (warm day), you are going to need something longer. These are also great for working with kids on the slopes. I can skate right over and pick up my 5 year old no problem. If I need to walk uphill to get her It's not a trouble. I pull my kid while skating around the lodge areas to speed things up and it's not awkward. Thanks Snowfeet! I'm loving them.

Easy transition from Snowboarding

As a former snowboarder, I opted for the 65 cm Snowfeet Skiboards with snowboard bindings to help train my 3-year-old on skis. The transition was seamless, and I was pleasantly surprised by the performance. By the end of my first day, I could navigate the mountain, ski backwards, and maintain control while skiing with my daughter. A great success for both of us!

At 37 years old, 6'4", and 255 lbs, I've found the 65 cm Snowfeet ski boards with snowboard bindings to be a game-changer. Not only have they been a hit at Mt Hood in the PNW, but they've also given me the ability to assist my 3-year-old on skis with ease. Now, my wife can take a break from ski training, which has made our mountain adventures fun for everyone.

If you are primarily looking for a short ski to help train youngsters, I may recommend trying the 99 cm option. I believe that will give you a little better stability behind you to prevent falling backward. It took me one or two falls to figure out the body positioning while holding on to training ropes, but I still am very happy with the 65 cm option. I'm intrigued with the 99 cm powder ski option when they are available with snowboard bindings! Let's just say since I've purchased these skiboards, my snowboard hasn't left the truck!

Excellent short skis, highly recommend

Yesterday was my first full-day riding my 99 CM Snowblade Short Skis up in Big Bear, California. The experience was awesome and I highly recommend these skis! The build quality is top-notch and the 99 CM length is a perfect balance of responsive maneuverability that can also handle steeper runs and faster speeds. It was very easy to get started and I was comfortably riding the entire mountain top to bottom by the end of the day. Riding backwards was surprisingly easily which was very nice when looking back up hill to help friends/kids who are learning to ride. I'm confident that these skis will be also be great for riding with my kids while they learn and I'm looking forward to taking them on my next trip to Mammoth in a few weeks.

A really nice surprise in a 'small' package

Received our Nordic Snowfeet about 2 weeks ago and got a chance to use them for the first time today. We purchased two sets so both my wife and I tried them. Our initial impression is very positive and we really seem to like them. We both love the size and our increase flexibility to move as we need due to the size. We were on a trail that was not groomed and look forward to the next time we get out to try them on a groomed trail.

It’s super fun with them!

Definitely a bit of learning curve coming from longer skis but it’s nice to see by the end of the ride I’m getting more used to it. I like the freedom and the mobility that you can have with them, changing directions really quickly. I highly recommend them.

First rides were a lot easier than I expected.

It’s really nice skiing with them. It’s a lot easier than my long skis. Getting in the crevises of random moguls was a lot easier.

Skiboards are super cool!

It’s just so different from regular skiing. It makes skiing so much exciting. They are very light. Skiing with them feels almost like you’re skiing down in boots.

It’s a ton of fun!

They are a lot more lighter, more agile than a regular pair of skis. I like doing a lot of jumps and stuff like that and they are perfect for it. Very different feel from regular skis. It was fun to see how quick I can turn around. If you get the chance, definitely give them a go. You will have a lot of fun for sure.

Definitely try them out!

They are a lot easier than I expected because I skied long skis and then switching up to these 99 cm I had no problem picking it up. It’s lot different than skiing but it’s got a lot of similarities, especially if you ski shorter skis, the balance is not something to worry about. I had no problem skiing through moguls, it’s a lot more fun than long skis.

Snowfeet brought me back to the slopes

I have ordered a pair of snowfeet two weeks ago. I was tired of skiing, so i searched for another Option. I was so lucky to find snowfeet at the Internet, because it was a hell lot of fun to ride the slopes with these amazing Variation of snow Skates. I can only highly recommend these things to everybody, who wanna try something new at the slopes.

Spins, pops are so much easier with skiboards.

If you are getting to the snowpark or want to try something different, they are the right choice. They are way more maneuverable, way easier to learn how to control your spins or your balance.

It feels like ice skates on snow, so good.

The turn radius is great, you just hopping around, doing whatever you want. They are so light that you don’t even realise that you have them. Once you get comfortable enough, you can literally do anything because it’s just the ski, you and the snow. You can learn various tricks much easily. It’s like you’re going down the mountain on your boots. It’s freeing feeling, being able to be on the lift and not have the heavy skis.

It’s a lot of fun.

It’s easier than I expected. The bumps are the hardest part. Since the Skiskates are shorter, it’s much easier to turn, so my favourite part with them is spinning in circles.

It’s much easier to turn and get up in the air.

Very freeing, super mobile, very maneuverable.

It is super fun

Great way to ski. They are lightweight, fun to jump in, mess around in.

Best. Purchase. Ever.

Ordered a standard set after backing the Kickstarter (I couldn't wait). Took these on cross country and downhill. Works so well with some wax. Carving and turns came intuitively from skating. Was able to go with my daughter cross country skiing and gliding in -22 C was easy.

Even after 2km they made quick work of flat and downhill and I was amazed they even worked uphill (those metal edges are a life saver!)

They also worked surprisingly well in deep powder (even though they recommended compact snow) - I was still able to get some movement out of them.

I'm convinced that I can't go back to normal skis after this. The versatility, enjoyment, and freedom these offer is just too good.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a pair you will not regret it.

This might be the next big thing.

It’s really easy to spin around and do other tricks. It’s like a roller skating but down the hill.

They’re pretty sick.

They hold the edge a lot better than I thought they would. You can recover a lot easier if you’re catching edge. It’s a lot of fun when the snow is nice and groomed, they are perfect for boxes and rails, little jumps.

It’s fire experience

I never ran into the problem of crossing them. They are great especially because you can just wear your snowboard boots with them.

They’re super agile

Compared to bigger skis, you could definitely get a little more technical with it. It was much easier to rotate with them. With Skiboards I am able to do tricks more easily.

It’s like ice skating

Compared to the normal skis the skiblades are lighter, you notice it especially on the ski lift. It’s easier to lift your leg and then it’s not heavy hanging down there. Definitely recommend them!

Super fun!

Skiing with ski blades is one the funniest experiences I’ve ever had. They’re so easy to learn, control. You just have to move side to side, 100 % reccomend them.

I can jump higher than with regular long skis.

I am a snowboarder, I’ve always wanted to try ski blades but I’ve never had boots for it. So thanks to the bindings for snowboard boots are Snowfeet Skiskates perfect for it! They’re light, it’s easier to spin, jump. Recommend!

They’re cool!

They’re definitely more maneuverable than longer skis, especially around the moguls. With Skiboards you can turn faster, jump easier thanks to their light weight.