Can You Use Snowboard Boots for Skiing? - Skis Compatible with Snowboard Boots

Can You Use Snowboard Boots for Skiing? - Skis Compatible with Snowboard Boots - snowfeet*

Snowboard boots are one of the most comfortable footwear for winter sports. Using them with skis and getting rid of the stiff ski boots is every skiers dream. What are the best skis for snowboard boots and where to get them? 

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Can you use snow boots for skiing? 

Yes, you can use your snow boots and even hiking boots for skiing. 

Ski boots are specially designed to provide the necessary support, control, and responsiveness required for skiing. These qualities make them suitable for longer skis and ride on the slopes. However, skiing does not have to be limited to slopes only. 

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Skiskating is a combination of skiing and skating which allows you to use your regular snow or winter hiking boots for skiing. Skiskating with snow boots is not suitable for slopes, since you would need a better support for skiing on slopes but it is just great for skiing on hiking trails, your local hill, or cross-country skiing. 

The ultimate gear you can use with snow boots are Snowfeet. They are light, you can carry them around in your backpack, and they easily attach to your winter boots. 

Can you use snowboard boots for skiing? 

Yes, you can! 

Snowboard boot bindings are currently available for a specific type of ski called skiboards. Snowboard boot bindings for skiboards are modified to fit the narrow shape of the skis and ensure safe and comfortable ride. 

Snowboard bindings for skiboards are as well as regular bindings for snowboards non-release bindings which means that they will not fall off your feet in case of a fall. Non-release bindings are perfectly safe, as long as they are used with skiboards no longer than 100 cm. 

Skiboards for snowboard boot

Snowboard boot bindings work exactly as standard snowboard bindings. They have 2 straps: ankle and toe strap. Both straps are adjustable, allowing you to set the bindings to fit you perfectly. The ankle strap is placed over the vamp of your boot. The toe strap can be placed in 2 ways: either over your toes or at the tips of your feet. Make sure that your bindings are secured firmly before every ride. 

Skiblades snowblades short skis little skis with snowboard boot bindings

How do you mount snowboard bindings on skis?

If you want to use snowboard boots for skiing, choose skis that come with snowboard bindings already mounted.

Bindings intended for snowboarding are not compatible with traditional skis. Snowboard bindings are usually too wide for skis. Sometimes, DIY fans use various riser platforms to mount the bindings to the skis. However, the process of attaching bindings to skis for snowboarding is not recommended and could potentially compromise your safety on the slopes. Home-made riser platforms and badly fitting bindings can make the skis difficult to control and they can eventually loosen enough to fall off your skis. 

Therefore, we recommend opting for skis with snowboard bindings attached by the manufacturer. Then, you will avoid toilsome mounting of snowboard bindings to your skis, and possible injury caused by loosely fixed bindings. At Snowfeet, we have developed a snowboard bindings specifically for skiboards. Our bindings are safely attached, they fit perfectly to the size of skiboards, and they have all the safety features to ensure a smooth ride. 

Can I put any bindings on my skis?

Not all bindings are suitable for all skis.

Ski bindings come in different types and have specific compatibility requirements. The bindings you choose should be compatible with your skis in terms of their size, mounting pattern, and intended use. It's essential to consult the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations to ensure a proper fit and secure attachment. 

Remember, it's important to use the right equipment designed for the specific activity you're engaging in. Using appropriate ski boots for skiing and dedicated snowboard boots for snowboarding will enhance your performance, comfort, and safety, allowing you to make the most of your winter adventures.

When you consider changing your bindings, visit your local ski shop to have your skis re-mounted. Changing bindings is not as easy as it seems and therefore it is advisable to have an expert to change them for you. 

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Best skis compatible with snowboard boots

When it comes to skis with snowboard bindings, you won't make a mistake opting for Snowfeet's Skiboards. 

Skiboards by Snowfeet are of construction similar to regular long skis: cap construction, certified sustainable wood core, with metal edges for easy control. They have deep parabolic side cut for easy turns and asymmetrical high twin tips, for both forward and backward ride. Skiboards combine the best possible features of skiing: they are short and light, yet they provide enough support, plus you can wear comfortable snowboard boots. 


Skiskates (44 cm long) aka the world's tiniest skis are basically skates for slopes. They are a mix of skating and skiing. Compatible with snowboard boots, skiskates are a great compliment to any snowboarding trip. They are especially suitable for hockey player, ice skaters, or rollerbladers. The movement is closer to skating rather than regular skiing. 

Gear up for your next winter adventure

Skiboards 65

Skiboards 65 cm long are the perfect middle ground between skating on snow and skiing. They are long enough to ski, yet short enough to skate. Coming in version for snowboard boots, they are a favourite gear among free style skiers and snowboarders. They appreciate them for their short length, allowing to perform all kinds of tricks and jumps, and the wider shape ensuring enough stability. 

You don't need to be a snowboarder or free style skier to enjoy Skiboards 65. They are also praised by ski tutors and and lecturers, and parents who teach their kids how to ski. Their shape allows to move with speed and agility and react smoothly when teaching children how to ski. 

Skiboards 99 

Skiboards 99 cm long are the longest skis available with snowboard boot bindings. Skiboards 99 are the perfect solution for anybody who is tired of long and clunky skis and does not enjoy the uncomfortable ski boots. As well as 65 Skiboards, 99 have the centre of gravity in a centre, so you need to keep the front-back balance. These short skis are light, easy to control, plus easy to learn. They are the perfect first skis for learners of any age. 

Watch our tutorial for more information about ride with Skiboards 99. 

How to choose the right snowblades with snowboard boot bindings

When choosing the right snowblades, it's crucial to consider both your skill level and the specific activities you aim to engage in. Here's a simplified guide to help you decide on the ideal snowblade length based on your needs and experience:

Beginner Skiers

If you're just starting out, opting for shorter, more forgiving snowblades can significantly enhance your learning experience by making control easier:

  • Length Suggestion: Typically, snowblades for beginners should be between 90cm to 100cm.
  • Why Not Shorter?: Avoid going below 90cm as they may make it difficult to maintain balance.
  • Ideal for: Learning basic skiing techniques and building confidence on the slopes.

Intermediate and Advanced Skiers

For those who have more skiing experience and seek better performance and speed, longer snowblades are preferable:

  • Length Suggestion: Choose snowblades that are 99cm or 65cm long.
  • Benefits: These longer blades provide greater stability at high speeds and are excellent for carving and advanced techniques. Short skiboards on the other hand allow more freedom in performing tricks
  • Ideal for: Skiers who enjoy fast rides and carving on the slopes.
Skibaords snowblades skiblades by Snowfeet

Special Cases: Short Snowblades (65 cm) and Skiskates (44 cm)

There are specific scenarios where exceptionally short snowblades (65cm) and Skiskates (44 cm) are beneficial:

  • Skiskating: If you come from a skating or hockey background and want to explore skiskating—a blend of skiing and skating—these shorter blades mimic the feel of ice skates on snow.
  • Trick Performance: Short blades offer greater freedom for performing tricks and making quick, sharp turns.
  • Children and Moguls: They are also suitable for young children or for navigating moguls where quick pivoting is required.

General Advice on Snowblade Length

  • Shorter Blades (44 - 65 cm): Easier to control and maneuver, making them ideal for either small children, or free style skiers and ski tutors.
  • Longer Blades (99 cm): Offer more stability at higher speeds and better performance in powder conditions, suited for intermediate to advanced skiers. However, they are also great for beginner due to the support they provide.  
Skiboards snowblades skiblades by Snowfeet

Choosing the Right Length

Here's how you can choose the right snowblade length:

  1. Assess Your Skill Level: Are you a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced skier?
  2. Consider Your Activities: Do you prefer slow and controlled skiing, or are you looking to carve and speed down the slopes?
  3. Special Interests: Are tricks, moguls, or skiskating part of your skiing interests? 

Choose the length that suits you best

 Honest first time reviews

Nothing speaks for itself as much as honest first time reviews. Whether you are a skier or a snowboarder, we have reviews of Skiboards for you! 

If you are considering trying skiboards with snowboard boot bindings as a snowboarder, watch this short video for a comprehensive review. 

 Are you a skier who considers trying snowblades? You might find these first time reviews useful. 

Have you tried skiboards with snowboard boot bindings yet?
Let us know what you think down in the comments! 

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