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Skiboards - sometimes called Skiblades or Snowblades are a type of short skis which became very popular in the 90s. What many skier do not however know is that Snowblades are on the rise again! And they are not the only kind of short skis that is becoming immensely popular recently. In todays article, we will introduce the best among short skis. 

Big Foot

Big Foot are the pioneering short skis, invented by Kneissel in 1970s. These short skis with the significant picture of a foot became synonym for short ski all over the world. Some people never adopted the name Snowblades - all they have ever used is Big Foot!

Big Foot peaked in their popularity in the 90s and even though many other brands followed their lead, they were not as popular as these bad boys. 

However, the popularity of short skis has decreased dramatically since the 90s and the time has come for a new generation to prove that long skis are but a relict of the past. Future is short! 

Snowblades | Skiboards | Skiblades  by Snowfeet

Snowfeet, a young brand based in Czech Republic has started its journey with small plastic skis called Snowfeet. Snowfeet merged 2 popular winter sports - ice skating and skiing - and brought fresh air to the stiff winter sports industry.

However, Snowfeet didn't stay the only product for very long. The company soon began to experiment with longer than just a foot-long skis and first Snowblades were launched. 

For endless fun on slopes

Snowblades 65 

Snowblades 65 cannot deny their predecessor - Snowfeet - not only by their length but also by the significant way of moving resembling ice skating. Snowblades are by their material and shape similar to the long skis but they carry on the legacy of Big Foot in their wider shape. 

They combine the best from the world of skiskates and short skis. They allow to skate on snow but you can use them as long skis, too. They have also the best length for children who are learning how to ski. 

Snowblades 99

Snowblades of 99 cm length are the great middle ground between short skis and long skis. They have enough stability to support beginners when learning how to ski but they still have enough freedom to allow pros perform tricks and show off in the snowparks. 

Again, they are a great first and only skis for children - you cannot outgrow your skis if you never accept the rules of long skis! 

Snowblades up to 99 come in two version: for ski boots and snowboard boots. In case you are not a fan of ski boots, you can avoid them by choosing the right product. 

Snowblades 120 

Snowblades 120 cm long are the closest you can get to the long skis with Skiboards. They are shorter and wider than your regular long skis which makes them better for a powder ride than the short Skiboards mentioned previously. In case you are a traditional skier or an elderly ski enthusiast, these are the right choice. 

Choose length that suits you best


Snowblades are not the only short skis you can enjoy on the slopes. Skiskates are even shorter than the shortest Snowblades and only a wee bit longer than Snowfeet. 

They function as skates for snow but they are basically very short skis. You will enjoy them the most on a groomed slope and especially when you are a skater or hockey player. 


So, which are the best Snowblades? And what about short skis? The choice and decision is ultimately yours. Let us know in the comments which one is your champion for this season! 

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