Snowfeet* – The Revolution Among Winter Sports!

Snowfeet* – The Revolution Among Winter Sports! - snowfeet*

The range of winter sports gear tended to be quite stable during the past years and so it seems that there are no inventions to be done anymore. However, that doesn't mean that it's impossible, right?


Introducing Snowfeet*


So, what exactly is Snowfeet*? Skis or skates? Well, in fact, it is both! Imagine you could move your legs freely on snow, not carrying any excess weight on them, not having to manoeuvre with long planks stuck to your feet. Isn't it a dream?


Snowfeet Skiskates


What are the advantages of Snowfeet*? You don’t need any heavy and expensive equipment or ski boots. They are lightweight, durable, easy to carry and small enough to fit in a backpack, so you can take them anywhere. Compared to skis or snowboards with all the gear, Snowfeet* are far more portable and affordable.

Gear up for your next winter adventure


Snowfeet Skiskates


There's an unavoidable question you all want to ask: are Snowfeet* the same as regular skis? Well, with Snowfeet*, you can do anything you would do with skis, but so much more! Impossible twists, jumps, and tricks of ice skating. Snowfeet* can be used for downhill skiing on and off the slopes, in snow parks, forest trails and even for cross-country skiing.


„Who needs skis when you have Snowfeet*?“


What footwear do you use with Snowfeet*? The binding is made to attach right to your winter shoes or snowboard boots. No more heavy ski boots, no more squeezing your feet into them, just slide in, strap on, and go. And what is more, one size fits most regular sizes (5-13 US/37-47 EU)! No additional struggle needed, right?

Snowfeet* was created and is manufactured in a small hilly country in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic. The Snowfeet* company has been formed around the growing demand for these and family and friends rushed in to help keep the company growing and spreading the fun that Snowfeet* bring to the slopes all over the world.



Snowfeet Skiskates
Snowfeet* gained its well-deserved place among the winter gear and found home in all corners of the world bringing fun to all winter adventure lovers. We are super proud that Snowfeet* became a part of your sports life and we promise we will not stop bringing you the fresh, new and original ways how to enjoy the winter.
So join us and share your Snowfeet* adventures with the world!
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Anna from Snowfeet*

Anna from Snowfeet*

Hi Vena,
to stop with Snowfeet, you push the edges of your Snowfeet* sideways to create the friction. It’s a little harder than stopping with skis, so make sure to distribute the weight evenly over both feet. If you just want to slow down, use a heel brake.



When you talk about how to stop with the snowfeet, you explain “it’s like stopping with skis.” I’m a snowboarder. So that explanation does really help.

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