Short Skis with Snowboard Bindings

Short Skis with Snowboard Bindings - snowfeet*

Do you love skiing but hate ski boots? You are not alone. Ski boots can be a real pain in the… leg. 

You don't need to envy snowboarders their comfortable shoes. Snowboard bindings for skis are a thing and we will have a closer look at them in this article. So tighten up your buckles and let's dive into it.

What is the difference between ski and snowboard binding? 

The difference is based on the different boots you acquire for the two winter sports. Ski boots need to hold firmly in place to ensure a safe and fun ride. 

There are two main types of ski binding: a release binding which will release your ski boot when you fall, and a non-release binding which will not release your feet when you fall. 

A release ski binding is usually more expensive and it's thought to be safer. You don't need leashes, since it's equipped with breaks preventing your skis from sliding away the moment you put them off. They are also easy to put on - just step in and you are good to go. 


The Atomic M10 release ski bindings

A non-release ski binding is less expensive and lighter than release bindings. However, it allows smaller flex and you need a leash to fix it to your ski boots. 

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Snowfeet* Skiskates with nonrelease bindings


Snowboard binding is equipped with two straps and a back strap. For snowboard bindings for skis, it is suitable to use one more strap to ensure proper fixation of the feet. Its main advantage is snowboard boots that are much more comfortable than ski boots and allow walking with greater ease. 

Skiskates, mini skis, snowfeet, short skis, skiskating, skis for snow

Snowfeet* Skiskates with snowboard binding

Gear up for your next winter adventure

Snowboard boot bindings for short ski

Regular snowboard bindings are usually too wide for skis, therefore it is necessary to apply a riser plate that prevents the bindings from catching the ground when carving. You can buy snowboard bindings designed specifically for skis, for example by Rvl8, that are narrow to fit the shape of skiboards and snowblades and are already equipped with an additional third strap.

Can I put snowboard bindings on skis?

Yes, you can. We recommend opting for snowboard bindings for skiboards, and snowblades since they are already adjusted for the narrower shape of skis. Or simply buy skiboards or snowblades with snowboard bindings. 

Skiboards, snowblades, skiblades, short skis, mini skis, short skis, snowfeet

Are snowboard boots more comfortable than ski boots?

Is snow white? Of course, they are. 
Ski boots are the dark spot on the otherwise fantastic sport. Anybody who will be able to make comfortable ski boots will surely change history. 
A complete game-changer are Snowfeet* which you can wear which any regular winter shoes, so you can forget about the discomfort of all day spent in ski boots and finally enjoy the comfortable skiing. 
Skiboards, skiblades, short skis, Snowfeet, Bigfoot, Snowblades

Snowfeet* for winter shoes

Skis with snowboard bindings are the second-best thing since sliced bread. The first one are skis for regular winter shoes. If you have been avoiding skiing because of the stiff and uncomfortable boots, wait no more, get skis for snowboard or winter boots and get your ass on the slopes.

We can't wait to meet you there! So long, friends. 


Gear up for your next winter adventure

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Tom Jacobs

Tom Jacobs

Can Burton step in snowboard bindings/boots be used?

Anna from Snowfeet*

Anna from Snowfeet*

Hi Maria,

Thank you for the question. It fits all snowboard boot in the range 38-49 EU / 6-14.5 US.




What size of snowboard boots fits with the bindings?

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