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Little Skis - Complete Guide | Skiskates | Skiboards | Snowblades | Skiblades - snowfeet*
Little skis, also known as short skis or skiboards, have gained popularity among skiers in recent years. These skis are shorter than traditional skis and offer a different skiing experience that is perfect for those looking to try something new or for those who want a more playful approach to skiing. In this article, we'll take a closer look at little skis and provide a complete guide to help you choose the right pair.

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What are little skis?

Little skis, also called skiboards or skiblades, are short skis that range from 75cm to 110cm in length. They were originally designed for use in terrain parks, but their versatility has made them popular for all types of skiing. Little skis typically have a wider waist and are designed to be ridden flat, without the need for a traditional ski turn.

Advantages of little skis

Little skis offer several advantages over traditional skis. For one, they are easier to control and turn, making them an excellent choice for beginners. They also allow for more playful skiing, with riders able to spin, jump, and slide with ease. Additionally, little skis are more versatile than traditional skis, as they can be used for both park and all-mountain skiing.

Choosing the right little skis

When choosing little skis, there are a few key factors to consider. These include:


The length of your little skis will depend on your height and weight. As a general rule, shorter skis are easier to control and turn, while longer skis provide more stability and speed. For beginners, longer skiboards are the most suitable choice. They are not too long to be clunky and heavy but not too short to be demanding when it comes to balance. 


Little skis typically have a wider waist than traditional skis, which provides greater stability and makes them easier to ride. Wider skis are also more suitable for beginners. 


The flex of your little skis will affect their responsiveness and playfulness. Softer skis are easier to control and turn, while stiffer skis provide more stability and speed.


Little skis are typically sold with integrated bindings, which are designed specifically for use with skiboards. These bindings are lightweight and provide excellent control, but it's important to make sure they are compatible with your boots. Skiboards by Snowfeet are available in 2 versions: for ski boots and snowboard boots which makes them very versatile when it comes to skiers' needs. 

Skiboards snowblades skiblades by Snowfeet

Best little skis for adults

If you're looking to try out little skis, there are several great options on the market. Some of the best include:


Skiskates are the smaller skis in the world - they are only 44 cm long! Skiskates are very similar to traditional skis, made with high-quality technology, consisting of cap construction and wood core. We've made these with two different kinds of bindings for you to choose from, so you may use these either with your ski boots or with your snowboard boots.  

Skiblades 65, 99, or 120 cm

Skiblades 65

Skiblades 65 cannot deny their predecessor - Snowfeet - not only by their length but also by the significant way of moving resembling ice skating. Snowblades are by their material and shape similar to the long skis but they carry on the legacy of Big Foot in their wider shape. 

They combine the best from the world of skiskates and short skis. They allow to skate on snow but you can use them as long skis, too. They have also the best length for children who are learning how to ski. 

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Skiblades 99

Snowblades of 99 cm length are the great middle ground between short skis and long skis. They have enough stability to support beginners when learning how to ski but they still have enough freedom to allow pros perform tricks and show off in the snowparks. 

Again, they are a great first and only skis for children - you cannot outgrow your skis if you never accept the rules of long skis! 

Snowblades up to 99 come in two version: for ski boots and snowboard boots. In case you are not a fan of ski boots, you can avoid them by choosing the right product. 

Snowblades 120

Snowblades 120 cm long are the closest you can get to the long skis with Skiboards. They are shorter and wider than your regular long skis which makes them better for a powder ride than the short Skiboards mentioned previously. In case you are a traditional skier or an elderly ski enthusiast, these are the right choice. 

Choose the length that suits you best

Head Monster 83

These skis are 90cm in length and have a stiffer flex, providing excellent stability and speed. They also feature a wide waist, making them ideal for all-mountain skiing.

K2 Fatty

These skis are 88cm in length and have a softer flex, making them easy to control and perfect for park skiing. They also feature a wider waist and a twin-tip design, allowing for playful skiing in all conditions.


    In conclusion, little skis are a great option for those looking to try something new on the slopes. They offer greater control and playfulness than traditional skis and are ideal for both park and all-mountain skiing. When choosing your little skis, make sure to consider factors such as length, width, flex, and bindings to ensure you find the perfect pair for your needs.

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