Maintenance Tips - Adjusting Bindings | Tuning Metal Edges | Waxing - Snowfeet & Skiskates

Maintenance Tips - Adjusting Bindings | Tuning Metal Edges | Waxing - Snowfeet & Skiskates - snowfeet*

Hey fellow Skiskaters!  

We bet you love your Snowfeet* winter gear and naturally, you want it to last and keep its original condition as long as possible. So, how to take care of your Snowfeet* or Skiskates? Here are some tips and tricks on how to maintain your Snowfeet or Skiskates so that they serve you flawlessly for many winters!

If you prefer a video version, we have included all the essentials in a 2-minute shot, so have a watch!



1. Should I Wax the Base of my Snowfeet*?

That is probably the first maintenance issue that crosses your mind once you've got your Snowfeet* in your hands. And it is an important one if you want a smooth ride without snow sticking to the base of your Snowfeet*! You can have your Snowfeet* waxed and get your edges sharpened at any ski shop, but if you prefer to do it on your own, we've got you covered. Just head to our shop and get yourself a liquid wax for your Snowfeet* to keep them ready for every skiing trip.

Gear up for your next winter adventure

We recommend waxing the base regularly to make Snowfeet* and Skiskates even faster and prevent snow from sticking to the base.


Snowfeet Skiskates waxing

2. What Shoes Should I Choose for Snowfeet*?

Snowfeet* fit most shoe sizes thanks to adjustable bindings. We recommend Snowfeet* for shoes of sizes 6-13 US / 38-47 EU.

Snowfeet Skiskates size chart


Just attach your Snowfeet* to your winter shoes or snowboard boots. We recommend waterproof shoes with ankle support for your safety. Snowboard boots seem to be the best option for ski slopes, but if you take your Snowfeet* on a hike or just to have fun on a sledding hill or trail, winter shoes are the most practical choice.

snowfeet snowboard boots winter shoes


What shoes can I use with Skiskates?

With Skiskates, you can use either ski boots or snowboard boots depending on which model you choose.

Ski Boots Model

One Size fits all. We recommend Skiskates for ski boots of size:
36-49 EU / 4.5-14.5 US / (22,5-32,5 MP/Ski boot size)

Snowboard Boots Model

One Size fits all. We recommend Skiskates for snowboard boots of size:
38 - 49 EU / 6 - 14.5 US


Snowfeet Skiskates models


If you want to use Snowfeet* with small size shoes, select a different hole on the strap and adjust the bindings using a screwdriver. If you use large snowboard boots, you can replace the original front toe straps with extra straps.

Snowfeet Skiskates adjustment



For people with small shoe sizes, we generally recommend using snowboard boots to make sure Snowfeet* fit perfectly, although it’s not necessary.

To avoid any hassle on the slopes, take your time and adjust the bindings at the comfort of your home, using a screwdriver and a boot you are going to wear with Snowfeet or Skiskates on the mountain.


For endless fun on slopes

3. Can I Tune the Edges of my Snowfeet*?

We recommend keeping your edges sharp for maximum control. To tune up the metal edges, use a special handy tuner or have the edges tuned in a ski service shop. You will probably cut parts of the plastic material during the tuning process, but that’s ok because it has an insignificant effect on using Snowfeet* on the snow. We recommend tuning mainly the base edges.

If you prefer tuning the edges by yourself, you can get yourself our simple sharpening stone and get your Snowfeet* ready on the go.

Tuning Skiskates edges is the same as tuning any regular ski edges.

Snowfeet Skiskates edges

When you are done using Snowfeet*, make sure you dry the edges so they don't get rusty before you put them into your backpack and store them. You can also wipe the edges using oil before storage.


Snowfeet Skiskates backpack 

And that's it, you're good to go! Make sure to follow these steps to keep your Snowfeet* in a good shape and keep having fun!

Not sure about anything? Let us know in the comments!



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