Honest Reviews by Real Customers - Snowfeet* | First Time Trial Skiskating Experience + Snowfeet FAQ

Honest Reviews by Real Customers - Snowfeet* | First Time Trial Skiskating Experience + Snowfeet FAQ - snowfeet*

Can't decide whether to buy Snowfeet yet? We're sure you would like to know, what it's like to have these mini ski skates in your hands, and more importantly, on your feet! Well, you are in the right place, as we are bringing you the first hand experience from our skiskaters so that you can be sure we're not sugarcoating anything. These honest reviews shall give you an idea about what real people think about Snowfeet, which hopefully makes your decision easier.

Gear up for your next winter adventure

If you don't feel like reading, check this video to learn what people think about trying Snowfeet for the first time: 

Before checking out more honest reviews, let's answer the most frequently asked questions to get all the important information. 

Are Snowfeet any good?

Snowfeet are not just good, they are amazing. They are very light and portable, so you can take them anywhere with you. Snowfeet are made out of very durable material therefore you can truly rely on them, plus their fantastic feature is that you can put them on your regular winter shoes or snowboard boots. 

Are Snowfeet easy? 

Snowfeet are very easy to learn for hockey players, roller-bladers and ice-skaters since they combine skiing and skating. However, anybody can learn how to use them. As with any new sport, it will take some time and effort but the learning curve is really fast and you will enjoy the process since Snowfeet are a hell of fun.  

How do you wear Snowfeet? 

Just like the regular long skis, you will attach them to your feet. However, thanks to the revolutionary bindings, you can put Snowfeet on your normal winter shoes or snowboard boots which means that you don't need to carry your heavy ski boots.  

Can you skate with Snowfeet? 

With Snowfeet you can skate on snow. They are not regular skates so don't take them onto your local frozen pond. However, you can take them anywhere else - snowparks, ski slopes, hiking trails - wherever your heart will take you.  

Available in multiple colours

Do Snowfeet work in powder? 

Snowfeet are not very suitable for powder, since you could not slide on it properly. You will enjoy them the most on a harder surface.   

Do you wax Snowfeet?

To ensure the ultimate experience, you should wax the base of Snowfeet regularly. To keep your turns sharp and fast, tune the metal edges of your Snowfeet, as well. You can use either a handy tuner or just visit your local ski shop and have them tuned. A good thing is also not to leave your Snowfeet wet after you come home from a fun day on the slopes.

Customer reviews

Maybe you are wondering whether it is difficult to actually ride these short skis and whether you need some special skills to enjoy the ride. Well, there is no better way to find out but to try it for yourself. But before you do that, the opinions of a little more experienced skiers might come handy.

Snowfeet Unboxing Mini Skis

Michael wrote us his experience and recommendations about Snowfeet:

"So much fun.....but also a lot of work at first. It is very similar to ice skating. I would say start out on a more beginner run to get the hang of it. They pick up speed rather quickly and if it's too much of a slope it's hard to get the edges to grab and stop. I'm sure I'll get better over time. It's not hard to learn, and easy where it's flat, but when it's sloped quite a bit -- get ready. Stay on the groomed/packed area, the powder doesn't help. It's like learning everything all over again, but very rewarding. I'm looking forward to taking them out again. I highly recommend them, you won't be disappointed."  


snowfeet reviews

Get Ready!

As with everything new you are about to learn, it takes some determination and persistence, but with all the fun throughout the way, it's going to be an exciting experience.

You can watch Eliot trying out his Skiskates by Snowfeet* and his recommendations on how to use them to enjoy the ride to the fullest.


Dare To Want More

If you are still not convinced, we can tell you that Snowfeet* are not made only for downhill skiing. They are in fact turning your regular winter shoes into skiing shoes, therefore there are plenty more exciting tricks and jumps you can do with them. Your courage is the only limit.


Snowfeet reviews


To our delight, most of the reactions we usually get are very positive and full of excitement and joy. That is very satisfying and motivating for us as well!

Snowfeet reviews

Colorado's Vail Daily First Time Testing

If you wonder what it is like to stand on your Snowfeet* for the first time, let's see how Ross Leonhart, reporter of Colorado's Vail Daily newspaper, is diving into skiskating.



The Quality Comes First 

We are proud that we have developed an inovative product with excellent quality that has earned its place among sport gear and it's becoming a new booming experience on the slopes. As approved by our lovely customers, of course. 

Snowfeet reviews


As far as quality of our Snowfeet goes, Claudette has shared with us her first impressions when she got her first pair: 

"Impressed! Kudos to the creators! I am very impressed with the quality of the product. The materials appears durable, easy to put on, I tried it on with my winter boots. It came with a bag, extra straps, and notes and reviews. Though I have not tried them on the snow yet, I have to say it will be pretty fun, can’t wait to try them on! I rated 5 stars because the materials of the Snowfeet is very impressive. I did not make a wrong choice buying Snowfeet and I am planning to buy another pair soon!"



A Bit Of TLC Will Pay Off

So now you know there's nothing to fear, you can just put them on and hit the slope down! Well, actually, there is one thing though... As the Snowfeet have inherited a bit more from ski than skates, we recommend to treat them as ski, which means to wax them from time to time


Andrew has tried his pair for the first time without waxing and things didn't go quite as planned...

 "Better Next Time. Received my Snowfeet in just 5 days time from overseas. Very pleased with that service. The Snowfeet fit perfectly on my winter boots, very snug, very comfortable. I purchased them for Cross Country Skate Skiing and tried them for the first time today. Should have waxed them prior to use. We had a large, wet snowfall yesterday, unusual for Northern Colorado as we are known for dry powder. The wet snow stuck to the bottoms after gliding just a few feet, which was frustrating. Going to wax them and try again next Saturday. Hopefully that will do the trick."


Snowfeet reviews

Enjoy To Be Free

However, once you get skiskating under your skin a bit, the real fun begins. Imagine you've got no excessive weight stuck on your feet and at the same time both of your legs can move freely. Isn't that fabulous?

Snowfeet reviews


Follow The Fun

What about some inspiration, what Snowfeet can make you do? Just watch this...


See? Piece of cake! Naturally, there will be some fall-downs from the start, and, trust us, you probably can't do without, unless you are a skiskating superhero. And did you know there's a cure for this? We highly recommend to implement your fall-downs as the part of the fun! Ok, we know, what you think right now, but we've got a proof! 


Crazy Mario First Time Testing 


Join The Community

We are so happy to hear from our lovely Snowfeeters from all around the world enjoying their snow fun with our skiskates. And when we say all around the world, we mean it! Snowfeet* skiskating has been spreading quickly and you can be a part of this trending sport and make a statement on the slopes. Wherever you are, once you've got snow, you are good to go! 



So we really hope our happy customers have convinced you that there's nothing to fear about Snowfeet* and that they are worth a try. Get yourself a Snowfeet* and get bold on the slopes!

Snowfeet reviews 

Don't Forget The Essentials

What you need to know about Snowfeet*:

  • They are made out of high quality materials.
  • They fit any shoe size, although ankle support shoes are recommended
  • Snowfeet* are more enjoyable on groomed snow than in powder
  • Snow sticks to the bottom - resolve this with waxing Snowfeet* prior to use
  • Using Snowfeet* is like skating on snow, but beginnings can be challenging
  • So much easier to learn than skiing and snowboarding

Sue wrote:

"I have these and they are a riot, I walk up the snow packed canyon road with my dog and ski down. Be sure to wear boots with ankle support or there will not be enough control!! I found out the hard way, but it was still fun and a challenge."    

Snowfeet reviews

Here in Snowfeet* we value all the support our customers has been showing us so far. The Snowfeet* family is growing really fast and we are very proud to be a part of it. 

Be a part of it as well and join us!

Your Snowfeet* skiskates are just one click away.

Snowfeet unboxing


If you need any help or have questions, we are here for you. Just leave us a comment below.

Have you tried Snowfeet* yet? Let us know your thoughts. It will be very much appreciated not only by us, but utmost by our fellow skiskaters.

See you on the slopes!


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Anna from Snowfeet*

Anna from Snowfeet*

Hi Terrence,
thanks for a lovely feedback! We are happy you enjoy Snowfeet as much as we do. Enjoy your time on the snow and don’t forget to tell your friends about us.
See you on the slopes!

Terrence Gifford

Terrence Gifford

Just got back from the slopes and what a blast. The snowfeet worked awesome and turned so many heads. Even had people stop me at the lift so they could take pictures. Great product, great fun and great price.

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