Can You Use Snowboard Boots for Skiing? - Skis Compatible with Snowboard Boots

Can You Use Snowboard Boots for Skiing? - Skis Compatible with Snowboard Boots

Snowboard boots are one of the most comfortable footwear for winter sports. But do they have more versatile use than just for snowboarding? Let's see. 

Can you use snow boots for skiing?

Although some skiers claim that snowboards boots are not suitable for skiing, skiboards (also known as snowblades and skiblades) have proved them wrong.

Ski boots are specially designed to provide the necessary support, control, and responsiveness required for skiing. However, they have a rigid structure which makes skiing less enjoyable sport than it actually is. Snow boots lack the essential characteristics and binding compatibility needed for skiing, therefore we recommend using skis with snowboard boots bindings. 


Skiboards snowblades skiblades with snowboard bindings by Snowfeet

Snowboard boot bindings are great especially for short skis, such as skiboards and snowblades, since they are easier to control. For standard long skis (more than 120 cm) we however recommend using ski bindings. 


How do you put bindings on skis for snowboarding?

Bindings for snowboarding are not compatible with traditional ski bindings. The process of attaching bindings to skis for snowboarding is not recommended and could potentially compromise your safety on the slopes.

Skiboards skiblades snowblades with snowboard bindings by Snowfeet
Therefore, we recommend opting for skis with snowboard bindings attached by the manufacturer. Then, you will avoid toilsome mounting of snowboard bindings to your skis, and possible injury caused by loosely fixed bindings.  

Can I put any bindings on my skis?

Not all bindings are suitable for all skis. Ski bindings come in different types and have specific compatibility requirements. The bindings you choose should be compatible with your skis in terms of their size, mounting pattern, and intended use. It's essential to consult the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations to ensure a proper fit and secure attachment. 

Skiboards snowblades skiblades with snowboard bindings by Snowfeet

Remember, it's important to use the right equipment designed for the specific activity you're engaging in. Using appropriate ski boots for skiing and dedicated snowboard boots for snowboarding will enhance your performance, comfort, and safety, allowing you to make the most of your winter adventures.

Best skis compatible with snowboard boots

When it comes to skis with snowboard bindings, you won't make a mistake opting for Snowfeet's Skiboards. 

They come in 3 sizes: 65 cm (26 inch), 90 cm (35.5 inch) & 99 cm (39 inch). 

Skiboards by Snowfeet are of construction similar to regular long skis: cap construction, certified sustainable wood core, with metal edges for easy control. They have deep parabolic side cut for easy turns and asymmetrical high twin tips, for both forward and backward ride. 

Skiboards snowblades skiblades by Snowfeet
Skiboards combine the best possible features of skiing: they are short and light, yet they provide enough support, plus you can wear comfortable snowboard boots. 

Have you tried them yet? Let us know what you think down in the comments! 

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When usg snowboard boots would you recommend medium or stiff flex snowboard boots with 99cm skiblades or does the snowboard boot flex not really matter since the skis are so short?

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