Are Short Skis Better for Beginners?

Are Short Skis Better for Beginners?

Starting a new sport can be challenging. Moreover, if you don't have the right equipment. In today's article, we will tackle the topic of optimal ski length for beginners. 
In the beginning, let's see why even consider short skis. 

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What are short skis good for? 

Short skis overcome long skis in multiple ways.
  • short skis are very light and they make skiing very easy and enjoyable
  • they are easy to control - you don't need to put too much strength into turning or stopping 
  • short skis aren't as clunky as long skis and that's what makes maneuvering very natural
  • the stance on short skis is more natural than on the long skis and therefore less strenuous 
  • the learning process is very fast and simple - most skiers using short skis can get the hang of it on the first day


 Are short skis easier?  

 Yes, they are easier to maneuver, learn, and carry around. 

Should beginner skis be longer or shorter?
Are short skis better for beginners?

Short skis are lighter and easier to maneuver and therefore better for beginners. 

As a beginner, focus on choosing skis that are light and allow decent freedom of movement but at the same time provide enough support.

Short skis, namely skiboards, snowblades, and skiblades, are the best possible tool to start your skiing journey with.

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Why choose skiboards as the first skis?   

  • Skiboards are short enough to allow you unlimited movement. 

  • Skiboards have a wide base which will help you to keep your balance easily. 

  • Skiboards have got fast learning curve - you master them in a day.

  • They are very light, allowing the turning and stopping to be much easier than with long skis.  

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What length skis are best for beginners? 

Short skis from 65 to 120 cm are the best for beginners. 

When it comes to skiboards or skiblades, they come in various sizes. 

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The shorter skiboards (usually around 65 cm) are great for children since the size is more compatible with their height. They provide less stability than long skiboards but they allow more freedom of movement and allow you to combine skiing and skating on snow, possibly trying some tricks.

Longer skiboards (ranging from 90 to 120 cm) are more suitable for learners: they help to keep balance and are perfect for carving. If you are likely to go skiing in powder, these will be your go-to skis. 

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Will shorter skis go slower?

No, actually short skis can go as fast as long skis.

If you are a beginner and you wish to go slower with your skis, point the tips of your skis towards each other and push on the edges of the skiblades. This method is a little bit strenuous but it will help you to control your speed.

Once you feel like trying a faster ride, straighten your skiboards to go faster. This is where the fun begins.

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Overall skiboards are the best possible skis to start with. They bring multiple advantages and no disadvantages for beginners but they will broaden the skiing skills and opportunities even for an experienced skier. 

Are you a pro or a beginner? Have you tried skiboards? Let us know in the comments. 


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