Cross-country skiing with Snowfeet

Cross-country skiing with Snowfeet

Have you ever wished to enjoy winter nature and scenery without wearing long skis that do not allow you to get to places that are difficult to access? 

This new winter product called Snowfeet allows you to try cross – country skating for the first time. These portable attachments turn your snowboard boots or winter shoes into ski skates.


This unique set of footwear can also be used for cross-country skiing, providing a good aerobic workout on flat trails“ (Digital Trends).

The compactness and portability of Snowfeet allow users to go to places where ordinary snowboard or ski will encounter difficulty. The good thing about this is that you can use these skis without using any special ski boots. This is simply plugged and play snow skates that take you through the snow with incredible ease. 

Plus, one size fits all! From now you can easily enjoy cross-country skating in places you’ve long dreamed of!

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