Snowfeet* - FAQ & Customer Reviews

Snowfeet* - FAQ & Customer Reviews - snowfeet*

What are those tiny skis called?

And how come that the guy is having so much fun sliding on them? 

Snowfeet are essentially skates for snowThey are the peak of ski evolution: the combination of skiing and skating brings the unique experience of skating on the snow. 

In this article, we will have a look at the most essential information about Snowfeet and answer the most frequent questions.  

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Are Snowfeet any good?

Snowfeet are not just good, they are amazing. They are very light and portable, so you can take them anywhere with you. Snowfeet are made out of very durable material therefore you can truly rely on them, plus their fantastic feature is that you can put them on your regular winter shoes or snowboard boots. 

Honestly, we could write you a whole story about how good Snowfeet are, but let our customers speak for us. 

Gear up for your next winter adventure

Are Snowfeet easy? 

Snowfeet are very easy to learn for hockey players, roller-bladers and ice-skaters since they combine skiing and skating. However, anybody can learn how to use them. As with any new sport, it will take some time and effort but the learning curve is really fast and you will enjoy the process since Snowfeet are a hell of fun.  

How do you wear Snowfeet? 

Just like the regular long skis, you will attach them to your feet. However, thanks to the revolutionary bindings, you can put Snowfeet on your normal winter shoes or snowboard boots which means that you don't need to carry your heavy ski boots.  


snowfeet mini skates for snow skiskates snowskates snowblades skiboards. Turn your shoes into mini ski. Attach Snowfeet to your winter or snowboard boots. Pick your short ski and foldable wearable sleds and enjoy the ride.

Can you skate with Snowfeet? 

With Snowfeet you can skate on snow. They are not regular skates so don't take them onto your local frozen pond. However, you can take them anywhere else - snowparks, ski slopes, hiking trails - wherever your heart will take you.  

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Do Snowfeet work in powder? 

Snowfeet are not very suitable for powder, since you could not slide on it properly. You will enjoy them the most on a harder surface.   

Do you wax Snowfeet?

To ensure the ultimate experience, you should wax the base of Snowfeet regularly. To keep your turns sharp and fast, tune the metal edges of your Snowfeet, as well. You can use either a handy tuner or just visit your local ski shop and have them tuned. A good thing is also not to leave your Snowfeet wet after you come home from a fun day on the slopes.

Looking for a shortcut? Check our maintenance tutorial: 

Where are Snowfeet made?

Snowfeet are made in Czech Republic, in the very heart of Europe. Czech Republic has a long tradition of both skiing and ski manufacturing. 

Available in multiple colours

What is the price of Snowfeet? 

The price ranges from 140.00 USD to 260.00 USD, depending on the version of Snowfeet you want. If you just want to try the product and are not convinced entirely about it, go for Snowfeet basic for only 140.00 USD. If you want a pair in a color of your choice and you want to make sure that your snowboard boots will fit just perfectly, opt for Snowfeet Standard. In case you are a pro and you want a pro equipment that will last forever Snowfeet Pro X are the skiskates you are looking for. 

However, you can't put a price tag on fun, can you? 

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So grab your winter shoes and head anywhere the snow leads you!

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