Skating on Snow and the Perfect Shortest Skis for Skiskating

Skating on Snow and the Perfect Shortest Skis for Skiskating - snowfeet*

Have you heard about the new winter sport that is spreading through the snowy slopes like wildfire leaving all the long skis left behind in the sheds?

Skiskating, or skating on snow, is a fresh and young winter sport that combines skating motion and snow to create a brand new experience. As the name suggests, you need to skate on snow which you could only hardly do with your long and heavy traditional skis.

Let's just look at what it actually looks like when you skiskate and what are the basic features of this fun sport.



Easy and fun, right? But just like any other winter sport, skiskating needs its own special gear as well. The well-established winter gear brands are holding on to the traditions and this new trend hasn't attracted them very much. This, however, opened the area to the new designers and producers to come up with their own versions of skates for snow and to freshen up the winter sports market.

Gear up for your next winter adventure

So who was brave enough to jump into the new sport of skiskating and what inventions they are bringing on the pistes and snowy hills? Let's have a look.



Snowfeet Ski Skates


We'll kick off our tour through short skis with the shortest ones themselves. And this title is not the only uniqueness they've got in their sleeve. Besides being the shortest, Snowfeet* are also perfectly versatile because you can use whatever winter shoes you like with them. 

The binding is made to hold every shoe in sizes from 6-13 US / 38-47 EU or even snowboard boots as well. Snowfeet* have been around for 4 years already and made themselves at home to many winter enthusiasts all around the world. You can see for yourself what people are capable of when they get these on their feet...



Everyone is talking about their universal use, how they are easy to put on and off and how lightweight they are. With these not only skating on snow but also performing tricks in snow parks is a piece of cake.


Sled Dogs

Just imagine if you could just ski in your ski boots without having to put on your skis. Well, this exact same idea came to Swiss inventor Hannes Jacob who gave his license to the Sled Dogs Co. company and in 1993 the production of these revolutionary boots began. 

Why complicate things, right? Just take a ski boot, put a sliding base at the bottom of it and you're good to go. You don't have to worry about sizing as it is completely the same as with your regular ski boots as well as the buckles to grab your feet safely and not let go. 


Skates Snow SledDog


As easy and straightforward as it may seem, you may also come across some restrictions when it comes to enjoying Sled Dogs. All skiers would probably confirm that ski boots are not exactly as comfortable as your home slippers and Sled Dogs are no exception.

You also should not forget that you need your regular footwear to change once you're done with Sled-Dogging. There is an accessory that you can purchase extra and that will allow you to walk in these without causing any damage to the base, however, you would hardly go for a walk in the park in these, would you?



What could be possibly better for skiskating than Skiskates, right? With the optimal length of 44 cm / 17 inches, they combine short length, light weight and quality materials. These are essential ingredients for free moves and controlled turns



These wonders are bringing all the advantages of traditional skis but are leaving out all the excessive amount of wood in the front and at the back. Also, these are made not only with ski boots bindings, as you would have expected, but also with snowboard boots bindings, which you would hardly find anywhere else. Skiskates are simply inviting everyone to give them a ride.


Available in multiple colours

Skiskating is an excellent opportunity to enjoy winter with no effort. The gear tailor-made specifically for skiskating couldn't be easier to use. It takes no space in your car, is lightweight so even your children can carry them themselves, you can choose your favourite footwear to wear with them and most importantly, they let you move freely through the slopes with no restrictions.

There are summer sports that you can't do during winter, such as inline skating, rollerblading or parkour. Skiskating offers a wonderful alternative to these sports so you can perfect the tricks on snow as well. And snow hurts less than concrete, right?

The most essential idea of skiskating is that winter sports don't have to be complicated, challenging or involve professional skills. Skiskating gear will allow you to enjoy snow wherever you want and anyhow you like. With these winter can be fun too!

Have you tried skiskating, are you ready to go for it or have any questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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