How to Choose the Right Skiboards

How to Choose the Right Skiboards - snowfeet*

In the process of choosing the right skiboards (sometimes called snowblades, skiblades, or Big Foot), you have already taken the first right step: you picked skiboards to be your skis of choice. When deciding which type, length, or style of bindings to choose, keep always in mind that you should enjoy your ride no matter what. 

Choosing the right skiboards is easy in comparison to choosing skis. You need to consider only the following: your proficiency level, preferred footwear, and favorite style of ride. 

Proficiency level

Being a rookie or a pro skier, skiboards have plenty to offer. You only need to consider the right length of skiblades to provide all you need. 

Gear up for your next winter adventure

What length of snowblades do I need? 

Skiboards come in length variety ranging from 65 to 120 cm. Different length corresponds with different needs of skiers. 

Choose shorter skiboards (65 cm) if: 

  • you are a skater or hockey player and you want to try skiskating, a combination of skiing and skating on snow

  • you are looking for more freedom and possibilities in performing tricks 

  • you want to make short quick turns 

  • you want the first skis for your child

  • you want to ride across moguls 

Longer skiboards (99 or 120 cm) are a great choice if: 

  • you enjoy carving 

  • you want to ride fast 

  • you prefer skiing in powder 

  • you learn skiing and are looking for some beginner-friendly skis 

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What boots do you use with short skis? 

Skiboards come in two versions: snowboard boot bindings and ski boot bindings. 

If you hate uncomfortable ski boots you will love snowblades because these short skis come in snowboard boot binding, too.

With short skiboards ranging from 65 to 99 cm, you can wear either ski boots or snowboard boots - the choice is yours. Pick whatever feels most comfortable. 

Skiboards, snowblade, skiblades, mini skis, short skis, snowfeet

Longer skiboards (up to 120 cm) are suitable for ski boots only, because only then we can ensure a proper grip of your ankles. However, both 65 and 99 cm skiblades come in ski boots version, too. 

Skiboards, snowblade, skiblades, mini skis, short skis, snowfeet

To sum up, if you prefer comfort and you don't need to ride too fast and furiously, go for shorter snowblades with snowboard boot bindings. On the other hand, when you are going for a fast experience and want to carve, ski boots and longer skiboards are your best possible choice.  

Style of ride 

    Different lengths of short skis provide different possibilities on the slope. Think of what you enjoy the most, or of what can you do so far. 

    65 cm Skiboards 

    If you are a hockey player or a rollerblader, ski skating is the sport of your kind. A combination of skating and skiing is a new opportunity how to enjoy the snow. 

    65 cm skiblades are also a great choice when you are already bored of long skis and you feel like picking up a new challenge or performing new tricks. 

    Skiskating is a sport where shorter is better. Skiskate and Snowfeet are the shortest skis that are made with skiskating in mind. In case short skiboards are still too long for you, give them a shot. 

    Skiboards, snowblade, skiblades, mini skis, short skis, snowfeet

    99 cm Skiboards 

    99 cm Skiboards combine the best of short and longer snowblades: they are short enough to give you the freedom necessary to perform all sorts of tricks, but they will let you enjoy carving and a fast ride, too. 

    120 cm Skiboards

    120 cm Skiboards are perfect in case it's your first time on the slopes. As a beginner, you will surely appreciate their length and wider shape providing support but still maintaining a light and easy ride. 

    Long snowblades are the most suitable short skis for rides in powder and carving. 

    Gear up for your next winter adventure

     Skiboards, snowblade, skiblades, mini skis, short skis, snowfeet

    Have a look at this and much more in our video:   

    Have you already tried skiboards? Let us know how did it go in the comments.

    See ya on the slopes. 

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