How Do I Choose Snowblades?

How Do I Choose Snowblades? - snowfeet*
Choosing snowblades, also known as skiboards or skiblades, requires consideration of several factors to ensure you find the right pair for your needs and skill level. Snowblades are shorter and wider than traditional skis, providing a unique skiing experience that's often more playful and maneuverable. Here's a guide to help you choose the right snowblades.

Before we will get right into it, you can take a shortcut and watch this video to learn all about snowblades: 

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Choosing Snowblades 

Choosing the right snowblades is easy in comparison to choosing skis. You need to consider only the following: your skill level, preferred footwear, and favorite style of ride. 

Skill Level

Consider your skiing ability. If you're a beginner, you might want to start with shorter and more forgiving snowblades that are easier to control. However, do not pick snowblades shorter than 90 cm - they might be challenging in terms of keeping the balance. Intermediate and advanced skiers can opt for longer and more performance-oriented models, especially if they enjoy carving and fast ride. 

Choose shorter snowblades (65 cm) if: 

- you are a skater or hockey player and you want to try skiskating, a combination of skiing and skating on snow

- you are looking for more freedom and possibilities in performing tricks 

- you want to make short quick turns 

- you want the first skis for your child

- you want to ride across moguls 

    Longer snowblades (99 or 120 cm) are a great choice if: 

    - you enjoy carving 

    - you want to ride fast 

    - you prefer skiing in powder 

    - you learn skiing and are looking for some beginner-friendly skis 


      Snowblades come in various lengths, typically ranging from around 75cm to 100cm. Shorter blades are easier to control and maneuver, making them a good choice for beginners. Longer blades offer more stability at higher speeds and better performance in deeper snow.


      Wider snowblades provide better stability and flotation in soft snow, while narrower blades offer quicker edge-to-edge transitions on groomed runs. Consider the type of terrain you'll be skiing on most often.

      Choose length that suits you best


      Ensure the bindings are adjustable and compatible with your ski boots. Some models have integrated bindings that are adjustable for different boot sizes. Make sure the bindings are easy to adjust and can securely hold your boots in place.

      What boots do you use with short skis? 

      Skiboards come in two versions: snowboard boot bindings and ski boot bindings. 

      If you hate uncomfortable ski boots you will love snowblades because these short skis come in snowboard boot binding, too.

      With short skiboards ranging from 65 to 99 cm, you can wear either ski boots or snowboard boots - the choice is yours. Pick whatever feels most comfortable. 

      Longer skiboards (up to 120 cm) are suitable for ski boots only, because only then we can ensure a proper grip of your ankles. However, both 65 and 99 cm skiblades come in ski boots version, too. 


      Construction and Materials

      Snowblades are constructed using various materials that affect their performance and durability. Look for models with durable topsheets, reinforced edges, and a responsive core. Higher-quality blades often have better materials and construction, leading to improved performance and longevity.

      Terrain and Conditions

      Think about the type of terrain you'll be skiing on. If you prefer groomed runs, a narrower and more responsive blade might be suitable. For off-piste and powder skiing, wider blades with more surface area will provide better flotation.

      Style of ride 

        Different lengths of short skis provide different possibilities on the slope. Think of what you enjoy the most, or of what can you do so far. 

        65 cm Snowblades 

        If you are a hockey player or a rollerblader, ski skating is the sport of your kind. A combination of skating and skiing is a new opportunity how to enjoy the snow. 

        65 cm snowblades are also a great choice when you are already bored of long skis and you feel like picking up a new challenge or performing new tricks

        Skiskating is a sport where shorter is better. Skiskate and Snowfeet are the shortest skis that are made with skiskating in mind. In case short snowblades are still too long for you, give them a shot. 

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        99 cm Snowblades

        99 cm Snowblades combine the best of short and longer snowblades: they are short enough to give you the freedom necessary to perform all sorts of tricks, but they will let you enjoy carving and a fast ride, too. 

        120 cm Snowblades

        120 cm Snowblades are perfect in case it's your first time on the slopes. As a beginner, you will surely appreciate their length and wider shape providing support but still maintaining a light and easy ride. 

        Long snowblades are the most suitable short skis for rides in powder and carving. 

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        Do you use poles with snowblades?
        It is not necessary to use poles when skiing on snowblades. However, some people prefer to use poles for balance and stability when skiing. Is snowblading or skiing easier? Snowblading is generally considered to be easier than skiing because of the shorter length of the skis.
        Can kids use snowblades? 
        Yes, kids can use snowblades, but there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. Snowblades are short skis designed for recreational skiing on groomed slopes. They're generally easier to maneuver than traditional longer skis and that makes them great for kids who have already some experience and kids who are just starting to learn. 

        Have you already tried skiboards? Let us know how did it go in the comments.

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