Are Shorter Skis More Fun?

Are Shorter Skis More Fun? - snowfeet*

For many skiers, the ultimate goal of hitting the slopes is to have fun. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner, the thrill of carving through fresh powder or weaving down a challenging slope is hard to beat. But does the length of your skis impact how much fun you can have on the mountain? In this article, we will explore whether shorter skis, such as snowblades or skiboards, are more fun than longer skis.

Shorter skis have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly among younger skiers and freestyle enthusiasts. These skis typically range from 70-100cm in length, compared to the standard 160-180cm length of traditional skis. One of the reasons that shorter skis are seen as more fun is that they are easier to maneuver, allowing you to turn more quickly and easily.

When you are skiing on shorter skis, you can make tighter turns and navigate through trees and other obstacles with greater ease. This can make the experience feel more dynamic and exciting, and give you a greater sense of control over your movements. Additionally, shorter skis tend to be more forgiving, which can help you recover from mistakes or recover your balance more easily.

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Another factor that makes shorter skis more fun for some skiers is their versatility. While longer skis are great for carving down wide-open runs, shorter skis are better suited to freestyle and terrain park skiing. They allow you to perform tricks and jumps with greater control, and can help you to explore different areas of the mountain that you might not have tried before.

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Of course, what makes skiing fun is a subjective experience, and what one person finds enjoyable may not be the same as another. However, short skis, namely skiboards, can bring the best of short and long skis together and give you the ultimate experience on the slope. 

Skiboards short skis mini skis skiblades snowblades Snowfeet

When chosing the right ski length, consider your needs and skills to be sure to pick the best length and type.  If you are a beginner skier or someone who prefers to stick to groomed runs, longer skiboards may be a better option. Longer skiboards provide greater stability and are better suited to high-speed cruising, making them a better choice for skiers who want to cover a lot of ground quickly.

On the other hand, if you are more of a skating person, Skiskates or Snowfeet could be the best possible choice for you. 

Inspired by the story of snowboarding father Jake Burton, the founders spent countless days and nights developing the product, as they were devoted to bringing a truly perfect version of Snowfeet, which can be easily attached to winter or snowboard boots.

In conclusion, while shorter skis may be more fun for some skiers, the length of your skis is just one of many factors that can impact your skiing experience.

Whether you prefer longer or shorter skis, the most important thing is to choose equipment that is appropriate for your skill level and the type of skiing you want to do. So, the next time you hit the slopes, consider trying out a pair of shorter skis and see if they make your experience more fun and enjoyable.

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