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I’ve been looking for something like these 44cm skiskates since i started snowboarding in the late 90s. If you used to ride aggressive in-line skates or ice skates and you want that feel on the mountain, these are what you want. I am the groomer/builder at the only indoor ski slope in the United States and I’ve been using them every day! Love this idea! I would imagine the ski boots would have more control due to the extra ankle support BUT i got the snowboard bindings and i did not have any issues. Picked it up real quick.

What a skiate

Overall, it is a very balanced and excellent product. However, the plastic part that controls the size is quite weak. I received it with actual deformation, but I'm not going to use that part, so it's okay. In terms of weight balance, plastic seems to have been used, but durability needs to be supplemented.
It's definitely a great product in terms of design and performance

Best Skis ever!!!!!!

I thought my skiing days were over! Until I found Snow Feet! I have a bad knee bone on bone and did not want to give up. This was my last resort. I tried them out in Telluride Co. my first run down the slopes I was in tears I could not believe how easy Snow Feet made it! I shared this on my Facebook page and so many of my friends want to give them a try now. My Facebook is Patty Seaman! I'm overwhelmed with joy Thanks so much for changing my life!

Perfect product

I’m so happy with this product that I’m making a great review. I’m JB from Argentina and this is my season number 3 using snow blandes in Ushuia, the end of the world! I really recommend it! I use the Snow Skate Boot with the Snow Blade product

Awesome terrain park riding

I got these for my Son who is always in the terrain parks shredding it up. He has ditched the regular skis for these awesome shorter snow feet! He Loves them, has more control and gets lots of compliments at the resort!

Easy to learn

Bought the 65cm with snowboard boot bindings. I’ve only skied one other time and that was 15 years ago. Picked it up extremely quickly. I didn’t have to use poles and could take them off easily if I wanted. Super nimble on slopes, although not as fast as the other people skiing. These would be great in the parks for sure. They feel just like ice skates. I might pick up a pair of the 90cm ones so I can carve better though. These don’t have that hour glass shape to carve as well as normal skis. The build quality is awesome, especially the bindings. My snowboard friends liked those. Everyone complimented them on the slopes! Definitely worth the money.

Love my snowfeet

I got 2 pairs of snowfeet I loved them so much had to get a different color. I am a roller skater and these are the perfect option for me when hitting the slopes. Thank you snowfeet for putting out the perfect product.

Skiskates are awesome!!!

I bought skiskates for my niece and nephew for their birthdays- it was the best present ever!!! They were amazed at how easy, fast and fun they are!

Shred the

GAME CHANGER for those looking for a more carefree alternative to traditional skiing! I’m 5’5” & 115 lbs. My long skis were SO heavy and cumbersome. I don’t like skiing fast, and my long skis were not giving me the range of motion I was wanting on the slopes. Enter: Snowfeet. I wasn’t planning on purchasing them until next ski season, but snagged them now. I’m so glad I did! They’re light weight, easy to maneuver, and offer a new freedom on the slopes. I go to the ski hill with my kids for homeschool ski, and I’ll be taking these every time. So long, long skis! Snowfeet are it 👏🏼👏🏼

So fun!

I am very pleased with my ski skates. So fun and just like skating down the mountain! Definitely recommend if you want something new and exciting to try!

Whoo, meets and beats the expectations!!!!

Had my eye on these for a wee bit debating if I could go skijoring with them. The answer is, Yes!
I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was, plus no fear of hitting by dog with the skis. My whole family gave it go and now they are all hooked.

The type of boots we wore- Columbia Bugaboot Iii Boot - they have great ankle support.
We did wax them twice and they were nice and slick.

Thank you for making this fantastic and fun product!
From Seattle,WA USA (Nordic trails at Crystal Springs Sno-Park)

First timer in the PNW

Saw the skates and was just looking for a reason to get into the snow. Gave it a try, I'm hooked! Small slopes were easy, wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Spent a few hours and can't wait to go again!

Haven’t skied in 15 years!

I bought snowfeet skiboards because I had a pair of snowboard boots laying around. I had learned to ski as a kid but I turned 30 this year and haven’t been for 15 years, I got on these things and it’s like no time had passed! I get tons of compliments on them at the mountain. Last weekend I went to Gunstock in Gilford, NH (I’m from the east coast where it’s notoriously icy) these things handled the ice way better than expected. I feel safe and stable while riding these. I highly recommend buying them, to anyone thinking about it! Just do it! (They look cool af too)

Ezio 70 years old from snowboarding to his first day with snowfeet

I heard about you from instagram, my husband Ezio who is 70 years old and is still a good snowboarder fell in love with snowfeet, tried them and is very happy. This proves that they are suitable for all ages naturally used carefully. Photos of the first minutes with the snowfeet.

Snowfeet Made our Day!

My daughter in law is a beginner skiier and was struggling with her new skiis.
I ordered a set of Snowfeet which arrived quickly and just in time for our family ski trip.

She tried the Snowfeet and they made a big difference in making turns and maneuvering on the slopes. She actually enjoyed coming down the Blue intermediate trails with her kids instead of being afraid of them and her confidence level has soared!

We’re so happy we bought these! They made all the difference for a winning family ski day on the slopes! My son might get a pair for his snowboard boots so he can ski when he wants to, and our other daughter-in-law wants a pink pair for skiing too now! Our family is sold on Snowfeet!

Skis for an adaptive user!

I ordered these skis to use as an adaptive cross country "scooter" with my vintage ski bike. I have been able to learn a new sport (my version of cross country skiing) and be outside during glorious winter! While I am still learning technique, the adaptive program I participate in was open to letting me use it and to see if it is something they can add as another piece of equipment to get people outside. I have instructors and together we are trying to figure out the best way to use the Nordic skis with the bike--we have found that the classic shuffle skiing is easier than skate skiing, but whatever way it is getting done and exposing able bodied people to another way to ski and allowing me some independence and a chance to ski with friends. They are working great so far, and I love being able to join others on a frozen lake or at a park. The buckles are a little hard to manage, especially when they get snow and ice in them, but luckily there is always help around! The size I think is the perfect size for this activity and I am glad they were invented! Thank you from Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Possibly my best purchase ever!

Exactly what I was hoping for and expecting. This is a great product and very durable, love how it can fit my smaller shoe size (7) and it’s super easy to adjust and take off. I have been skating all my life and recently started skiing in 2020, so it was very easy to learn. Make sure you also wax the bottom for maximum fun! Thank you Snowfeet!

Bigger is not always better!

I normally ski on 184 cm 4FRNT Raven skis, but I wanted to give my winter routine a change. I decided to give Snowfeet a try, and right off the gate, I realized how playful it is! I grew up playing roller hockey, so this felt natural to me. I have Apex ski boots which is also a snowboard boot, so using the skiboards with my snowboard boots is a win-win.

For many years, I thought the bigger the ski, the better you are. Snowfeet proved me wrong. Size does not matter. It's how you use it.

Some people laughed at me, made fun of the size, but once they see me ripping the groomers flying past those amateurs while I spin without effort, they realize that bigger isn't always better.

It's how you use it. Snowfeet, you've reminded me what it's like to be a kid again. Thank you.


Amazing stuff totally fun.

Love them

The Nordic Snowfeet are definitely with I getting! If you’re on the fence about getting them, just do it.
They have a slightly different feel than traditional Nordic skis, but not too much. I love that you can wear hiking boots or snow boots with them. Also going up hills is way easier in the Nordic Snowfeet over traditional Nordic skis! 11/10 would recommend!


This is far the best purchase I have ever made! I have been a skiing since I was a little kid, and always had the long skis. After having children teaching them to ski with Snow feet has been amazing. Snowfeet never get in the way of my kids. I will never go back to any other skis, my entire family tried them out last time we went to the slopes! They all fell in love, they will be buying these also. Not only are they fun to ride, they are so easy is so many ways. Packing them in the car, taking them on and off is so simple. I can't wait to get more sizes! the Snowboard boot bindings are great, I was never a big fan of ski boots. Thank you so much SNOWFEET I finally found exactly what I was looking for!!

Snowfeet SkiSkates for the Win!

Stumbled onto Snowfeet during the New Year's long weekend. My wife and I are frequent hikers since we have an Australian Shepherd and live relatively close to large forest tracts. I was interested in finding something similar to snow-blades to use on our winter hikes. With the Basic Snowfeet option available, and for a great price compared to new Snow-blades, it seemed like an easy purchase.

This winter has been a bit weird, and i had to wait for a decent snow fall to begin my test-run. Having occasionally snowboarded, skied, and ice-skated before (however rusty after the pandemic interruption), i was able to get the hang of snowfeet quickly when sliding down a straight open slope. Some more practice is needed on the tight, twisty forest slopes/trails. I also experimented without and with my dog. My dog had never used a harness before, but had a fun time pulling me along the open slopes or just running along with me. Snowfeet are lightweight and easy to strap on and off when needed. Sometimes it was easy enough to penguin-walk up a small slope with them still on. Speed was controllable depending on how low you squatted, or how many lunges you made, providing an excellent workout if you wanted.

Snowfeet prep and maintenance was easy. I had never waxed my own snowboard in the past, since it seemed a little too involved to get it done properly. However, with Snowfeet's smaller surface area, and using universal liquidwax or the glide wax paste options available, it was quick and easy to perform. Tuning on the other hand I may leave to a professional or attempt it myself at a later time when needed.

Snowfeet was very responsive on Instagram throughout the process on buying ski boards. They are very comfortable and SO much fun ! I got so many compliments on them at the resort I was visiting. I will be definitely be recommending this brand to more people!


As a mid 30, semi active, semi coordinated, accident prone female.. I LOVE THESE! I’ve only skied twice and snowboarded once, and I’m not great on skates by any means, but I picked these right up! 10/10 recommend

So fun, I want the SkiSkates now😉

Typically snowboarding, but what a fun way to go out and play. Do you like skating, rollerblades or just want to add to your winter fun time. Great to scoot around on hard pack too. Try them!