The Ultimate Guide to The Best Snow Sleds For Adults And Children

The Ultimate Guide to The Best Snow Sleds For Adults And Children - snowfeet*

As the winter season approaches, you may be thinking whether the opportunities for winter sports will be restricted once again and you will be left with your ski resting in the loft. Well, sadly, we don't have any satisfactory answer for you and we can guess that no one does. However, we won't let you sit in front of your TV with a bag of chips during the whole winter.

To motivate you to go out and enjoy the snow regardless of the pandemic situation, we have created a guide to snow sleds so that you can grab one of your choice and head on to the nearest hill. The only news you will have to watch is a weather forecast, as you might eventually need some snow.


Gear up for your next winter adventure


 Assleds Snowfeet


Is a saucer even a sled? If you want to go easy and not invest a staggering sum of money, a saucer sled may offer a great deal of fun without any preparation needed. As it is usually made of high impact plastic, it can surprise you with its speed.



Depending on the size, it fits one kid or one adult. So, when you're in, you're on your own and let's be clear about these, you cannot get much control over them. The recommended posture is to sit cross-legged with your hands holding the handles. Therefore trying to keep your desired direction seems to be quite tricky.

But don't let this minor thing discourage you. It's got a surprise feature that requires no effort whatsoever. Thanks to its circular shape, it will spin you round like a record all the way down the hill. And that is something no other sled can provide. 

In case you are seriously into Saucer Sled, you can pick your favourite from the last season's best ones.



Toboggan | Runner sleds

Assleds Snowfeet


Toboggan as a high-class sled? While the saucer is a low-cost alternative for non-picky individuals, toboggans are the exact opposites. If you want to get a fancy means of transport from up the hill all the way down, and, of course, you want to show it, these are the ones to go for.



The material itself depends on your preferences, however, if you really want to go classy, you should be choosing the wooden ones. Not only do they look proper and feel solid, but the quality will also definitely pay off, if you are willing to pay for it, of course.

Assleds Snowfeet


In case you are a bit tight on your budget, you can certainly find some plastic alternatives as well. However, not only they are not that durable and safe, but mainly cheap looking alternatives might harm your winter image. Just bear that in mind. 

Generally, there are two types of construction of these sleds. Ones with two runners that are usually equipped with metal plates and whole-wood ones with a flat bottom.

Assleds Snowfeet


The most significant advantage of any of these is that you don't have to be alone. Invite your friends, children, business partners or pets and enjoy the ride together. Taking directions shall be operated by your skilful legs, as well as braking. Workout guaranteed. 


Racer sled

Assleds Snowfeet


Is the racer sled worth the adrenaline? For all the sporty enthusiasts out there, we could not miss this super-sport racing sled and when we say racing, we mean super racing. If the speed is your alter-ego and you want to leave all the "captain snails" on the slopes behind, look no further.

You will acknowledge the materials used, quality and flawless engineering of this gear. Look at the features - metal construction, steering wheel, brakes, pulling rope - you've got a lot more than you asked for in a sled. And, as a cherry on the cake, you can place your rear end on a stylish cushion-like seat to have the comfort you deserve.

Assleds Snowfeet


But, jokes aside, these bad boys may get dangerous, as they are very speedy and we would not recommend them for beginners. You have to be strictly in charge when riding these and ultra-careful to other fellow-sledders to avoid any dangerous situations. You know the rules - better be safe than sorry.


Sled that you have never seen before 

Assleds Snowfeet

Now, you've got an idea of what kinds of sleds there are and which ones would suit your personality the best. But what if you are not willing to be stuck in the average. What if you want something innovative, something that is cool and fun but at the same time made of quality materials and has features that provide versatile use.

Impossible, there's nothing like that, you may think. Well, we are super proud to prove you wrong. Because, as unbelievable as it may seem, we've developed the ultimate sled among all the sleds... Behold, these is our Assled.


Assleds Snowfeet


We are happy to introduce our very own sled called Assled. And the name is not the only sassy thing about it. Actually, we don't know where to start with respect to its advantages and plus-sides. Are you ready to meet the best sled ever?


Available in multiple colours

First of all, they are bendable. Have you ever seen such thing? Crazy. Just imagine, you, going for a winter hiking trip, with your sled folded or rolled up in your backpack and whenever there's downhill in front of you, you just ride it down. And then moving on with your hiking. How brilliant is that?

Now, it might have crossed your mind that you are in no way carrying another excess weight on your back. All right, just calm down. There's no weight at all, as we are using the most up-to-date materials, in this case, the Assled is made of Tarpaulin canvas used for raft manufacturing, which is a synonym for light and durable materialAssleds Snowfeet Sleds

The next thing we wanted to keep in mind is that you would probably like to stay in the sled the whole ride. To ensure so, we have added not one, but two sets of straps to attach your Assled to your body. Therefore you can become inseparable on your way down, but also on your way up because with a belt strap secured around your waist, you will carry your sled hands-free.

To bring our Assled to perfection, we have equipped it also with side and front handles, a soft pad for your comfort and we have made it big enough to take two riders! This sled is packed with all good things, don't you think? 

Assleds Snowfeet


You know, it wouldn't be us, if we hadn't an ace up our sleeve. In all our products we would like to give our riders the opportunity to use our gear their own way and to enhance their creativity in movements so that nothing is stopping them from having fun on the snow.

With our Assled, you've got five options for how to ride them. The more, the better, right? Sit with your legs straight, lie on your back or on your belly, ride down on your knees or invite a friend for a ride in two. Or, maybe, invent your own way and show your creativity. Just please, while being marvellous and inspirative, be above all safe.


We hope we have enticed you enough to try our new addition to Snowfeet* product family and we are sure you will get a lot of funny moments with our Assled. Not to mention how cool you will look on the slope with one of these.

If we didn't catch your interest, you may still choose a saucer, of course. But if we did, make sure you're following our socials, as we are going to introduce Assled by Snowfeet* to the world and to our shop soon!




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