Assled - Foldable Sled You Wear On Your Ass

Assled - Foldable Sled You Wear On Your Ass - snowfeet*

If you're thinking of sled and you are not willing to be stuck in the average, you want something innovative, something that is cool and fun, but at the same time made of quality materials and with features that provide versatile use, our brand new Assled is ticking all the boxes! 

Conquer Mountains - On Your Ass!

We are happy to introduce our very own sled called Assled. And the name is not the only sassy thing about it. Actually, we don't know where to start with respect to its advantages and plus-sides. 


Go Wherever Your Ass Takes You!

Traditional sleds have three major issues - they are big, they are heavy and they are boring. After 27 years of research and development, we found a product that solved all of those problems.

The plastic bag! I mean, it's light and it slides, but it's a bit away from cool winter gear. We're not going that way for sure, not to mention that no one wants plastic bags scattered around mountains.

Following that thoughts, we came up with Assled! It’s just like a plastic bag. Only Better. Faster. Stronger. 

Gear up for your next winter adventure


Snowfeet Assled

Now seriously:

When we were kids we would sometimes slide down the snowy hills on plastic bags when we had no sleds with us. Most of us tried this at least once. Even our grandpa used to tell us stories of how they would sled using old jute potato bags.


After having great success with our first product - Snowfeet Skiskates and being inspired by the simplicity of plastic bags, we decided to make our own sleds that are foldable, easy to carry around, and versatile, using high-quality materials and adding straps to make them wearable and comfortable to ride.

Let Your Ass Be Your Guide!

Send it downhill, make yourself comfortable, share it with a friend or just relax and eat a banana.

Snowfeet Assled


Fits into a backpack

When you’re done, just fold your Assled like a yoga mat and you’re good to go. Unlike your regular ass-riding equipment, 
Assled also fits easily into your backpack. 

Assled Snowfeet

Just imagine, you, going for a winter hiking trip, with your sled folded or rolled-up in your backpack, and whenever there's downhill in front of you, you just ride it down. 
Assled Snowfeet

And then moving on with your hiking! 

Assled Snowfeet

Get your ass on the mountain!

We are using the most up-to-date materials, in this case, our Assled is made of Tarpaulin canvas used for raft manufacturing, which is a synonym for light and durable material.  

We have also added two sets of straps to attach your Assled to your body. Therefore you can become inseparable on your way down, but also on your way up because with a belt strap secured around your waist, you will carry your sled hands-free.


We have equipped it also with side and front handles, a soft pad for your comfort and we have made it big enough to take two riders! 


Snowfeet Assled


5 sleds in 1 product 

With our Assled, you've got five options for how to ride it. Sit with your legs straight, lie on your back or on your belly, ride down on your knees or invite a friend for a ride in two. Or, maybe, invent your own way and show your creativity. 


Assled Snowfeet
Assled Snowfeet

 Most versatile sled

Slide down the hill, walk your way up, and repeat. No more lugging around any heavy, clunky sled.

Great for both kids and adults
With Assled, you’ll want to stay outside all day every day! 

Snowfeet Assled


Back in the ‘90s, people hated Snowboards. Today the same kind of people hate Assleds. Now it’s time for us to create the largest community of haters the world has ever seen led by health & safety workers, helicopter parents, lift operators, sceptics, and perfectly reasonable people with ass issues.

To make this possible, we need your help.

So grab your Assled before they ban us and join the future Olympic sport of assleding!





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