Introducing Snowfeet PRO

Based on your feedback, we’ve spent the last 3 years developing the ultimate Snowfeet.

Snowfeet PRO are here to make skiskating more accessible to everybody and opens the door to becoming a skilled skiskater. Even if you have never skied before, Snowfeet feel so natural that anyone can pick up this sport instantly.

These key improvements make Snowfeet PRO the best model so far, offering a superior skiskating experience to every one from beginners to pros

We improved the base design, drawing inspiration from ski technology to make Snowfeet PRO easier to control. 

We also narrowed the base and raised the platform height, making it easier to initiate turns and perform carving. This allows you to turn and stop more quickly and effortlessly.

We added a bit of length, just the perfect amount to add more balance, but not too much to keep the effortless skating experience. This makes snowfeet PRO long enough to ski, yet short enough to skate, and helps with landing in snowparks.

The most improvement so far is that they are more suitable for powder and ungroomed terrain so now, you can take them absolutely anywhere. 

Snowfeet are made for outdoor lovers of all ages - skiers, hikers, cross-country skiers, hockey players, ski instructors, roller skaters, and anyone who wants to try something new and have fun above all.