Snowfeet Models Comparison - A Handy Guide | Mini skis | Little skis | Skiskates

Snowfeet Models Comparison - A Handy Guide | Mini skis | Little skis | Skiskates - snowfeet*

Not Sure Which Model of Snowfeet* is the Right One for You? Let's Take a Closer Look! 

We have designed Snowfeet* wanting them to suit everyone. However, as we couldn't fit everything in one product, we have created three models of Snowfeet* to make them available to customers with different preferences. Have a look with us at what the individual models have to offer.

Not in the reading mood? Check the video instead to learn all you need to know: 

Also, you can choose from multiple colors


Snowfeet* Basic

Affordable, Yet Still a Lot of Fun!

snowfeet basic mini ski skates snowskates short ski


Snowfeet* basic is the most affordable model we offer. This model is recommended for people who are willing to sacrifice higher quality for a lower price. The reason we created this model is to lower the price as much as we can to make Snowfeet* affordable to anyone.

While we think this is a noble goal, you should know we had to use basic materials to achieve that so this particular model is not as durable as the Snowfeet* II and Snowfeet* X models. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, but still want to try it out, these might be the right ones for you. 

snowfeet basic snowskates skiskates mini ski short ski


To make sure they are still very good in snow, we did not make many sacrifices when it comes to edges and the construction itself. The biggest difference though is the bindings where you can see that Basics have more plastic components as opposed to other models. The bindings are a bit less solid and not so much adjustable. Even though they are still firm enough to give you the necessary support and will bring you a lot of fun on the snow. 



Snowfeet* II

Let's Meet Halfway!

snowfeet skiskates mini ski short ski snowskates

Snowfeet* II is the choice for most people, after all, in this one, all the good things meet. As opposed to basics, the quality is on a higher level here. If you want to experience what we have always intended for people wanting to try out this new sport, these are the obvious choice. It’s a high-quality, durable product for an affordable price. 


snowfeet models comparison snowskates mini ski skates for snow


This model is the foundation stone and best-selling product in our repertoire. We worked hard to perfect the edges, body and bindings. They are more durable and have better bindings covered by textile with a strap pocket. A great model for those who want to enjoy some fun on the snow.Snowfeet Skiskates colors

These also come with more color variants, you can choose from black, blue, red and turquoise. The packaging contains an extra pair of straps for a better fit with Snowboard boots.snowfeet skiskates mini ski short ski snowfeet x snowfeet basic snowskates

Snowfeet* X

The Choice for Superheroes!

snowfeet x mini ski skates snowskates short ski skiskating snowfeet models

Snowfeet* X are aimed at those who demand the best quality, want to experience the crazy fun on the slopes and are not afraid to take it to the next level. With the most durable construction we offer, these are suited for every situation. 


snowfeet x mini ski short ski skiskates snowskates skiskating models


Not only their durability is increased, but also have very robust and easily adjustable bindings that are comfortable with any shoe. Snowfeet* X is by far our best Snowfeet* model. Great for those who take this sport seriously and require the highest quality without a compromise. Snowfeet X colors

As well as the middle range model, Snowfeet X come in four colors you can choose from to stay true to your style. So make sure you make a statement not only with your jumps and tricks.

Check out new Snowfeet* PRO

snowfeet skiskates mini ski short ski skates for snow snowfeet comparison

We know that we won't answer all you questions only by comparing our three model. Let's answer the most frequent questions to help you find the right Snowfeet match for you:

Are Snowfeet any good?

Snowfeet aren't just good, they're amazing. They're super light and portable, so you can take them anywhere. Made from durable material, you can totally rely on them. Plus, the best part is you can rock them on your regular winter shoes or snowboard boots.

Are Snowfeet easy? 

Yes, they are very easy to learn for hockey players, roller-bladers and ice-skaters since they combine skiing and skating. However, anybody can learn how to use them. As with any new sport, it will take some time and effort but the learning curve is really fast and you will enjoy the process since Snowfeet are a hell of fun.  

How do you wear Snowfeet? 


Just like the regular long skis, you'll slap 'em on your feet. But hold up, these Snowfeet got some fancy bindings that let you rock 'em on your regular winter kicks or snowboard boots, so say goodbye to lugging around those clunky ski boots!

Can you skate with Snowfeet? 

With Snowfeet, you can shred the snowy slopes! These ain't your regular skates, so keep 'em off your neighborhood ice rink. But fear not, you can take them to all the rad places - snowparks, ski slopes, hiking trails - anywhere your heart desires! 


Do Snowfeet work in deep powder?

No, they're not really cut out for that. You'll have a much better time tearing up a harder surface!

Do you wax Snowfeet?

Wax the Snowfeet regularly to enhance your experience. Tune the metal edges for sharp and fast turns. Use a handy tuner or visit a local ski shop. Don't leave Snowfeet wet after a thrilling day on the slopes.

What is it like to ride Snowfeet? 

There is no one who can answer the question better than our customers: 

Have we forgotten something important or do you wish to know more? Feel free to leave us your question in the comments below!


Have a wonderful winter!


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