Snowfeet II and Snowfeet X - New Models Release!

Snowfeet II and Snowfeet X - New Models Release! - snowfeet*

There is no doubt about it now... Snowfeet* have set off a sensation and everyone is talking about it! Even the most influential media have mentioned this new winter sport that has invaded the winter slopes.

„They’re much lighter than normal skis or snowboards, giving the user the much more freedom of movement“ (Business Insider).

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Why is Snowfeet* so Popular?

Business Insider says about Snowfeet* that these mini plastic skis have become an international sensation among winter sports. They also mentioned these attachments that turn your boots into ski skates came straight from the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic.

snowfeet mini skiskates made in heart of europe snowskates skiboards

It is no surprise that Snowfeet* have been recognized by the general public and are being chosen more and more often by all the winter sports enthusiasts. The compactness and portability of Snowfeet* allow users to go to places where ordinary snowboards or skis will encounter difficulty.


snowfeet mini ski skates snowskates short ski skiskates snowfeet II snowfeet X models new models

What is more, you don’t need any additional equipment. It’s only your winter shoes or snowboard boots that you need plus one size fits all! In other words, these are easily snapped on and you're good to go. Besides, it will allow you to navigate through snow slopes, downhills or on a flat snowy surface as well.




What do People Say about Snowfeet*?


Above all, Snowfeet* are getting positive reactions from the media and the growing number of customers. Snowfeet* YouTube videos already garnered over 250K views which also shows the Snowfeet’s potential not only in the market, but also among the community of skiers and also rollerbladers who are using this gear for their winter practice.


snowfeet models skiskates mini ski short skis snowskates


And the popularity grows over the platforms as well. The Facebook video by Ask Men media reached the number of over 33M views. That is to say, this new booming winter sport is definitely making the headlines.


snowfeet skiskates snowskates skates for snow snowfeet skiskates skiskating


„Far more portable – and affordable – than traditional skis or snowboards" (UNCRATE).

We have started in a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and since then we are trying to make our own trace among the winter sports and winter gear producers.  And we're proud that we've got so many fans on board with the next big winter sport!

We optimistically say:

We’re on a mission to make these ski skates a new big thing among winter sports and we hope you’ll become part of our constantly growing community.”

Want Snowfeet* in more colors?


Snowfeet ski skates

Following the success with the fist version of Snowfeet* we decided to come up with another two models in addition to the original design to introduce Snowfeet* to even broader audience. We would like to eliminate all the obstacles that our customers might have that would prevent them from enjoying the fun on snow with Snowfeet*.


snowfeet skiskates snowskates snowblades mini ski skates short ski

We are going forward from the original Snowfeet* version to cover all the needs and wishes of our customers. So we've got Snowfeet* II that are equipped with improved bindings and come with additional straps to be used with snowboard boots, and on the high
 end we've got Snowfeet X that are designed for extreme conditions and are super durable. 

Snowfeet models

Don't know which ones to choose? Don't worry, we've been thinking ahead and we have prepared a thorough comparison of all the models so that you could make the right choice. Please continue your reading in the article about Snowfeet* models comparison. And remember, you can always reach out to us and ask us anything!

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