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Snowblades  | Skiboards | Skiblades - All You Need To Know About Short Skis - snowfeet*
Snowblading, also known as skiboarding or skiblading  is a winter sport that has been gaining popularity over the past several years and it is still going strong, gaining hundreds of fans every winter season. The main reason why so many avid skiers change colors to "Team Snowblades" are the unique short skis aka skiboards.

Curious why are so many people getting into this new winter trend? Keep reading or check out our new video! 

What is Snowblade?

Simply put, snowblades are a type of short ski that has a length ranging from 70cm to 100cm.

Snowblades are also known as skiboards or skiblades and are much shorter than traditional skis and they are typically wider and have more pronounced sidecuts. Their length usually varies between 70 and 100 cm, but you can get skiboards as short as 65 cm or as long as 120 cm

Skiboards Snowblades Skiblades by Snowfeet

Skiboards offer wider variety of lengths which gives you as a skier a great opportunity to choose exactly the length that fits you perfectly. More about that later. 

What are Snowblades used for?

Snowblades are used for almost any type of skiing and terrain.

Snowblades excel at:

  • alpine skiing
  • carving
  • skiing at moguls
  • freestyle skiing

Compared to long skis, skiboards are easier to control, lightweight and very easy to learn. This characteristics make them ideal skis for number of groups of skiers. 

Snowblades can be used by: 

  • beginners, since they can learn how to ski within one day with skiboards. Plus, they are very light and you will not be tangled in the long board while learning how to turn and stop. 
  • intermediates because they can help to improve their skiing or bring new possibilities to the slopes and make the skiing more enjoyable
  • experienced skiers who are looking for new challenges or are just simply bored with the long skis
  • elderly skiers because they are very light on the knees and do not require too much strength to turn 

Gear up for your next winter adventure

Snowblades are very often used as well as teaching skis. Many ski instructors or parents training children opt for snowblades because pf their length. Skiboards are short and agile which allows instructors to react swiftly and move freely while helping beginners with their first time on skis. 

Skiboards snowblades skiblades short skis Snowfeet

What is the history of snowblades?

Snowblading was first introduced in the 1990s as a response to the demand for a more fun and relaxed approach to skiing. The original snowblades were developed by Salomon and were intended for use in snow parks and terrain parks. 

However, short skis are presumably way older than 30 years. In the past, many variations of short skis appeared, always bringing a new ideas to the slopes. European skiers remember especially Big Foot by Kneissl or Elan short skis. 

Skiboards' fame reached its peak in the 90's and many skiers today believe that short skis were just a brief trend. But is it really true? 

Skiboards snowblades skiblades short skis mini skis

Are snowblades still a thing?


Snowblading is still a popular winter sport, and it is on the rise again! Skiboards are becoming increasingly more and more popular among all categories of skiers. In the past, snowblades were associated especially with skiers  who prefer a more relaxed approach to skiing plus, they have been often used in freestyle skiing. 

Nowadays, many skiers found out that snowblades bring advantages not only to freestyle riders but also to anyone who looks for a way to more enjoyable skiing. Beginners, elderly skiers, children, snowboarders, or freestyle riders, they all benefit from the short length and forgiving nature of the shorter boards. 

Best for fun on slopes

Are you a snowboarder who considers trying out short skis? Have a look at our first timers review on skiboards. 

Is snowblading easy?

As easy as sliding down the hill on your sleds. 

Although some traditional ski advocates would definitely not agree, snowblading is for a number of reasons more accessible to majority of winter sports fans than skiing with regular long skis. If you are gathering courage to take the first step into the world of skiing, short skis might be the right gateway for you.  

As any other sport, snowblading will require some learning first. But the good new is that the process is much faster than with the traditional long skis, plus it is much easier to grasp the basics. 

Why is snowblading easy? 

  • Short skis are easy to control and super responsive, too. Snowblades do not require too much strength to turn or stop, so even if you are not a well-trained skier, you will have your ride under control. 
  • Short skis do not restrict your movement. Long skis are super clunky which can be a real pain in the leg when you are learning how to ski or when you are skiing in a more demanding terrain. 
  • Snowblading is very intuitive. Most of the skiers usually master snowblading within the first few riders, or within the first day. 


Are snow blades good for kids?

Snowblades are not just great for kids, they are amazing! 

Snowblades are an excellent choice for kids learning skiing especially because of their short length. They allow kids to enjoy skiing without the need for extensive training and technical skills while advancing rapidly. 

Why opt for snowblades as the first skis for beginners? 

  • Non-restricting movement: Long skis are long and clunky and the ride is often clumsy. Snowblades allow more agile ride without getting tangled into the long boards. 
  • Support of the wider skis. Snowblades are usually wider in their waist which allows them to provide enough support despite the short length. 
  • Easy control. Shorter ski = less strength necessary to turn and stop. 

Snowblades have one extra benefit compared to long skis: children will never outgrow them. The length of snowblades is not determined by skier's height but only by the preferred style of skiing and favourite length of skiboards (more about choosing the right length below). Plus, the bindings are universal, fitting almost all feet sizes. That means that you don't need to buy new pair of skis once your kid grows a bit over the summer.  

Skiboards snowblades skiblades short skis mini skis Snowfeet

How Do I Choose Snowblades?

Typing "snowblades" in Google, you might feel overwhelmed by the number of different lengths and types, and making the right choice seems almost impossible. 

However, choosing snowblades is much easier than it may seem in the first glance. If you don't want to get lost int he text, check our comprehensive guide to decide what length of skiboards will fit you. 

Skill Level

Consider your skiing ability. If you're a beginner, you might want to start with shorter and more forgiving snowblades that are easier to control. However, do not pick snowblades shorter than 90 cm - they might be challenging in terms of keeping the balance. Intermediate and advanced skiers can opt for longer and more performance-oriented models, especially if they enjoy carving and fast ride. 

Choose shorter snowblades (65 cm) if: 

  • you are a skater or hockey player and you want to try skiskating, a combination of skiing and skating on snow
  • you are looking for more freedom and possibilities in performing tricks 
  • you want to make short quick turns 
  • you want the first skis for your child
  • you want to ride across moguls 

Longer snowblades (99 or 120 cm) are a great choice if: 

  • you enjoy carving 
  • you want to ride fast 
  • you prefer skiing in powder 
  • you learn skiing and are looking for some beginner-friendly skis 


Snowblades range from 65cm to 120cm, giving you options galore! Smaller blades make it a breeze to maneuver for newcomers. But if shredding at warp speed or tackling deep pow is your jam, go longer for stability and superior performance!

65 cm long skiboards will definitely feel closer to skating on snow rather than skiing. They are more manueverable but at the same time, you need to focus on keeping that front-back balance more than with the longer types of skiboards. 

Skiboards by Snowfeet Skiblades Snowblades

120 cm long skiboards are close to your regular long skis but they will easily save you a lot of struggle while turning, stopping and even transporting them to the slopes. If you are looking for your ticket to the world of short skis but you are not sure about the shortest of skiboards, 120 Skiboards would be a great choice. 

Choose length that suits you best

99 cm Skiboards are covering everyone who feel like neither 65 nor 120 would be the right choice. 99 Skiboards will let you ski freely, while still providing enough support. They are the best choice for moguls, teaching skiing or even skiing in snow parks. 

Snowfeet Skiboards snowblades skiblades


Snowblades are generally wider than regular skis but you can still choose between wider and narrower models.

Wider snowblades provide more stability and flotation in soft snow. Wider skiboards are more suitable for powder days. However, some skiers are afraid of short skis sinking into deeper powder. When fresh snow is your favourite terrain to go to, you can choose skiboards intended specifically for powder. They are even more robust, ensuring that you will have the necessary surface to flow effortlessly. 

Narrower blades are quicker at edge-to-edge on groomed runs. When a well-maintained slope is your preferred kind of terrain, narrow skiboards will be a great choice. 

What boots do you use with short skis? 

Snowblades come in two versions: snowboard boot bindings and ski boot bindings. 

If you hate uncomfortable ski boots you will love snowblades because these short skis come in snowboard boot binding, too.

With short snowbladess ranging from 65 to 99 cm, you can wear either ski boots or snowboard boots - the choice is yours. Pick whatever feels most comfortable. 

Longer snowblades (up to 120 cm) are suitable for ski boots only, because only then we can ensure a proper grip of your ankles. However, both 65 and 99 cm skiblades come in ski boots version, too. 


Snowblades come in three different version of bindings, giving skiers a unique opportunity to chose the bindings which fits them the best. 

Skiboards snowblades skiblades

Simple ski bindings

Simple ski bindings deriving from the original models of si bindings are a great option for short skiboards (65 or 99 cm). The optimal footwear are of course ski boots. 

Why opt for simple ski bindings?  
Simple ski bindings are the right choice when you want easily adjustable bindings which you can comfortably set to the right size at home, without needing to try them in a shop. Both skiboards and bindings are universal! Plus, this simple model helps us to keep the price as low as possible. 

Snowboard boot bindings

Snowboard boot bindings for skiboards are an amazing innovation bringing the comfort of snowboarding to skis. If you are a snowboarder who wants to try something new, or just a skier tired of rigid ski boots, these bindings are the right choice. Snowboard boot bindings do not release easily, similar as with snowboards, so this kind of bindings is available only with skiboards of the length up to 100 cm. 

Skiboards with snowboard boot bindings
Release ski bindings

Skiing with longer skiboards (100 cm and longer) requires different measures than skiboarding with shorter boards. To ensure the maximal safety, long skiboards come only with pro ski bindings which release in case of a fall. These bindings are easy to use and when it comes to long skiboards, they are the safest option. 

Bindings tips in conclusion

Before the ride, ensure that the bindings are adjustable and compatible with your ski boots. Some models (all models by Snowfeet) have integrated bindings that are adjustable for different boot sizes. Make sure the bindings are easy to adjust and can securely hold your boots in place. 

In case you would like something longer

A few more details you might find useful

Do you use poles with snowblades?

Snowblades are great both with and without poles. Even though it is not necessary to use poles when skiing on snowblades, many people opt to bring them to the slope is poles give the feeling of a better stability and provide an extra support. When you transfer from long to shorter skis, we recommend using poles at least for a couple of first rides to have some extra support.  

Is snowblading or skiing easier?

Snowblading is by far easier than skiing. Snowblading removes all the disadvantage caused by the long skis but keep all the fun.


  • is more playful than skiing because of the front-back balance
  • is easier than skiing because of shorter and more agile boards
  • is less demanding than skiing because short skis do not require as much strength as long skis 
What material is snow blade?

Snowblades are usually similar to regular long skis when it comes to the materials used.
Snowblades are made from a variety of materials, including wood, aluminum, and carbon fiber. The choice of material depends on the manufacturer and the intended use of the skis.

 Skiboards by Snowfeet Skiblades Snowblades short skis little skis 

Why are snowblades banned in some resorts?
Snowblades are allowed in most resorts!

Snowblades being banned is largely a myth. It is very rare to be banned from a skiresort with snowblades, just as it is rare to be banned with snowboard. Some ski patrol teams claim that snowblades can be hard to control, especially when traveling at high speeds. However, the ban on snowblades has been lifted in most ski resorts in recent years.

In 2023, we took skiboards to the famous Mammoth Mountain. Check it for yourself. 

What's the difference between snow blades and skiboards?

There is no difference between snow blades and skiboards.

These terms are used interchangeably to refer to the short, twin-tip skis used in snowblading. Even though skis shops and rentals sometimes tend to categorise short skis and distinguish between them, the majority of skiers use these terms to describe short skis in general. 

Snowfeet Skiboards Snowblades Skiblades Short skis mini skis

 This has been an ultimate "All You Need to Know" about Snowblades.

Any follow-up questions?
Let us know in the comment! 


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