Skiskating - The Future Olympic Sport

Skiskating - The Future Olympic Sport - snowfeet*

If you haven’t heard of skiskating yet, it is a new trend in winter sports, which is a combination based on two popular winter sports, skiing and skating.

This truly unique sport shouldn’t be confused with snowblading or skiboarding, as it genuinely feels like you are ice skating, just on the snow. If you can’t decide whether skiing or ice skating is your favourite sport, skiskating will push your options even further so you can enjoy the best of both!  


Gear up for your next winter adventure


The length of the ski base is below 50cm (20 inches). The principle of skiskates is that you have to keep a front-back balance yet you are able to move freely and therefore perform all kinds of tricks such as twists, jumps, and others without having to drag your heavy clunky skis, as well as just skate.


Skiskates also open more opportunities such as accessing narrow hiking trails and types of trails you wouldn’t be able to access whilst wearing skis. Thanks to its nature, skiskating feels easy and natural to those who play ice hockey, ice skate, or use inline skates. 


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In video below you can watch a tutorial on how to use both Snowfeet and Skiskates and become a PRO in this new winter sport called skiskating:


History of skiskating 

Even though the first skiskates can be tracked a few hundred years ago, we believe that their invention was similar to skis.

Thousands of years ago, people living in the mountains who had to fight heavy snow conditions were, therefore, most likely the first ones who invented the skiskates prototype, as they just wanted to get down the hill a bit faster.

The first person who received a patent on commercially produced skiskates was Mr H. Dutton of Dutton’s Shell Groove Skates in Utica, New York in 1862. The thing is that no one really knows whether they were meant to be used on ice or snow.

Later in the 20
th century, other variations of skiskates came to life in different countries around the world such as Super Slider Snow-skates in the USA, Snowrunners from Switzerland, or Figln from Austria. Many baby boomers can recall the nostalgia of using a version of skiskates when they were children.

What’s the future of Skiskating?

No one can really predict what is to come in skiskating and skiskates development. 



We witnessed the slow development of the trend in snowboarding, which was invented hundreds of years ago and has now become mainstream. As the history and origin of snowboarding and skiskating have their similarities, we believe the best days of this exciting sport are yet to come.



Have you tried Snowfeet yet? Let us know your thoughts. It will be very much appreciated not only by us, but utmost by our fellow skiskaters.


If you need any help or have questions, we are here for you. Just leave us a comment below.

See you on the slopes!



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Aaron hutchison

Aaron hutchison

I would love to help push snowfeet skiskating to the Olympics! I have skiskates, and snowfeet skis here in alaska .Please let me know how I can get more involved please and thank you!

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