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Skiboards & Snowblades FAQ & Customer Reviews - snowfeet*

Skiblading and skiboarding is a unique winter sport opening doors to all winter sport fans: beginners, experts, children, elderly or even people who do not ski at all. 
This article will answer the most frequent questions and see what the customers think of skiboards.  

What is the difference between snowblades and skiboards?

Skiboards, snowblades, skiblades are the same thing: short skis with a wide base. They have usually a wider base than their long relatives. Base and length are what makes skiboards so special. They provide freedom and firm support at the same time.

They open new opportunities for both ski rookies who find regular skis too difficult to handle and for pros too since you can explore new tricks and styles of the ride. 

Skiboards, snowblades, skiblades, short skis, mini skis, snowfeet

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How long should my snowblades be?  

Snowblades or skiboards come in various sizes, usually ranging from 65 to 120 cm. You can choose from different lengths based on what skiing style you prefer or on what proficiency level you are. 

Skiboards, snowblades, skiblades, mini skis, short skis, snowfeet
Choose short skiboards (65 cm) if you:

  • want to make short, quick turns
  • want to ride accross moguls 
  • want more freedom in movement and performing tricks
  • enjoy the combination of skiing and skating on snow
  • want skiboards for your child 

Skiboards, snowblades, skiblades, short skis, mini skis, snowfeet

Choose long skiboards (99, or 120 cm) if  you: 

  • want to ski fast 
  • love to plow the powder
  • want to carve
  • are a beginner and would use extra support of longer and wider skiboards

 Skiboards, snowblades, skiblades, short skis, mini skis, snowfeet

Are skiboards easier than skis? 

Yes, they are. They are shorter and lighter and therefore easier to control than long and heavy skies. Their wider shape gives you a firm base so you won't lose balance.  

Are snowblades good for beginners?

Yes, they are. They are actually the best possible skis to get started with.

Skiboards are easier for ski rookies who haven't even started or for skiers who haven't visited slopes for an eternity. The learning curve is very fast and you will become fairly proficient during the first day. Skiblades allow a more natural and comfortable stance due to their short length plus are very light and therefore less demanding when it comes to turning and stopping. 

When teaching your child how to skis, we highly recommend opting for snowblades (usually 65 cm long). Kids learn very quickly how to skiboard and you will avoid any frustration which comes with a slow learning process.

Skiboards, snowblades, skiblades, short skis, mini skis, snowfeet
Skiboards are also more suitable for elderly skiers and skiers with knee injuries, too. They are very light and when turning, you don't need to put too much pressure on your knees. 
No matter what proficiency level you are, skiboards are always a great choice.  

How do you skiboard?

Skiboarding comes pretty naturally for most beginners and the best thing is to pick a reasonably steep hill and dive right into it. But let us give you a few tips beforehand. 
  • bend your knees 
  • keep your center balance - do not lean too forward or too back 
  • if you have problems with keeping balance, put your palms on your knees - this should help 
  • when riding in powder put more weight on your heels to avoid tripping in the snow
  1. How to start the ride on snowblades?

To start your ride, use skating moves: push your legs sideways. If you are a hockey player or skater, you will know what to do. 
Skiboards are short and easy to maneuver, so you don't need to use the poles to get started. 

Skiboards, snowblades, skiblades, short skis, mini skis, snowfeet

  1. How do you use a skiboard?

When you need to gain some confidence first and want to ride slowly with control, point the tips of your skis toward each other and push on the inside edges of the skiblades.
When turning, put the weight on the opposite leg: if you want to turn right, put weight on your left leg, if you want to turn left, put the weight on your right leg. 
Once you feel comfortable riding your snowblades slowly, you can straighten your skiboards a little bit to go faster

  1. How do you stop on skiblades?

Stopping is similar to stopping with skis. Turn sharply to one side with both skiblades.

Skiboards, snowblades, skiblades, mini skis, short skis, snowfeet

  1. How to carve on skiboards? 
Longer skiboards are perfect for carving. Here are some tips on how to carve smoothly: 

Skiboards, skiblades, snowblades, mini skis, short skis, snowfeet

What boots do you wear with snow blades?

Snowblades come in two versions: ski boots and snowboard boots bindings. 
With short skiboards, it's up to you which binding you prefer - choose what is the most comfortable for you.
In the case of longer skiboards (120 cm) go for ski boots bindings to ensure that your ankle is firmly fixed in its place. It will help you to enjoy the ride fully. 

 Skiboards, snowblades, skiblades, snowfeet, mini skis, short skis

Can I put snowboard bindings on skis? 

Attaching snowboard bindings on skis is very often very unwieldy. Snowboard bindings are usually too wide for skis and it's necessary to attach a special riser plate to prevent it from catching in the snow. 

We highly recommend buying skiboards with snowboard boots bindings straight away. These skiboards have bindings adjusted specially for the narrow shape of skiboards and therefore you will not have to struggle with the riser plate or difficult mounting.

Skiboards, snowblades, skiblades, short skis, mini skis, snowfeet

Do you use poles with skiboards? 

Yes, you can use poles to get some more support. But you will truly appreciate the freedom of skiboards when riding with no poles. 

Are snowblades cheaper? 

Yes, they are cheaper than long skis. Skiboard prices start at $99 and go all the way up to $500 with binding included.
With skiboards, you can save money also for tutors because you will be able to learn skiboarding yourself very quickly. Plus, you can't really put a price tag on fun, can you? 

Skiboards, snowblades, skiblades, short skis, mini skis

These have been the FAQ about skiboards. Is there anything we have missed? Let us know in the comments!

Let's see what do the customer think about them. 


Skiboards, snowblades, skiblades, mini skis, short skis, snowfeet

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