Is It Bad if My Skis are Too Short?

Is It Bad if My Skis are Too Short? - snowfeet*

When it comes to skiing, the length of your skis is a crucial factor that can greatly impact your experience on the mountain.

While shorter skis, such as snowblades or skiboards, have become increasingly popular in recent years, there are some concerns about whether they can be too short. In this article, we will explore the potential drawbacks of using skis that are too short and see if this myth has a real core. 

Not in the mood for reading? You can watch our video about short skis and learn all you need to know. 

Can I use skis that are too short? 

Yes, absolutely! 

Let's start from the scratch. The answer is yes, you can use skis that are "too short".

Shorter = better

There are in fact several reasons why you actually should want to you use short skis instead of long skis. 

1) Short skis are easier to control. 
Shorter skis are generally more maneuverable and easier to turn, perfect for beginners or skiers seeking to boost their slope agility.

2) Short skis are more playful and responsive. 
Short skis offer a thrilling and dynamic experience, enabling rapid and energetic maneuvers, making them a favored option in terrain parks or for freestyle skiing.

3) Short skis are more versatile than long skis. 
Embrace the advantage of shorter skis in conditions like tight tree runs or moguls, where quick turns and agility are a must! In these conditions, long skis do not stand a chance! 

What happens if my skis are too short? 

You will gain more freedom, agility, and fun when riding skis. 

Shorter skis are generally more manueverable and easier to turn than long skis, and they are as stable as long skis. If you are looking for greater stability with shorter skis, we highly recommend opting for skiboards which provide very good support on the slopes.  

"Using skis that are too short limits your speed and stability on the slopes." But rest assured, such concerns are unfounded!

If your skis are too short, it changes the whole skiing experience. Short skis allow you to move with much more ease, they are easy to control and such fun to use. They are lighter than regular skis and their short length allows you to move more freely.

Best for fun

Plus, they are very easy to carry around, so you don't need to bother with a long and heavy load every time you want to go skiing. You can simply put your short skis into your backpack and hit the road. 
Is it bad if my skis are too short?  
Not at all!

Using short skis bring many advantages: skiing is easier, more agile and more fun. 

When Zbynek, the founder of Snowfeet was just a little kid, his parents got him a pair of simple plastic skis. Once he outgrew them, he didn't got rid of them but kept skiing with them and even won a ski race, beating older and more experience skiers on short skis.

At this moment, he knew that short skis are the answer to all that bother him at skiing with long skis: clunkiness, heavy burdens on feet and strenuous movement. This simple experience was the starting point of Snowfeet. 

Learn more about skiboards and snowblades in the following video: 

Contrary to a wide-spread belief, short skis are in most cases better than long skis. They are suitable for a wider range of skiers than longer skis and they bring many more benefits on the slopes. Whether you are a beginner or a free-style lover, you will have a blast riding short skis. 

Skiboards by Snowfeet - skiblades snowblades
Skiing with short skis also allows to progress at much faster pace than with long skis. You can go from rookie to an intermediate skier within a day thanks to a fast learning curve. 

Choosing skis for a beginner can be daunting task. See our guide to avoid picking the wrong pair. 

How do I know if my skis are long enough?

Skis are long enough once the give you enough support, yet they do not restrict your movement. This may mean many different lengths for many different skiers. 

Forget about the myths about ideal skis length being between your chin and forehead. That's a lie. 

Are short skis better? 

Yes, they are. Short skis are universally better than long skis.


Short skis are easy to learn, very easy to manuever and suitable for any surface.

Short skis are better for both free style skiers who wish to explore new possibilities in snowparks and beginner who want forgiving skis, easy to learn and to ride.

Some mini skis, such as skiskates or Snowfeet, can be challenging for people who are used to longer skis.

Luckily, there are many short types of short skis, allowing you to pick the right pair. 

Skiboards snowblades skiblades by Snowfeet


In conclusion, drawbacks are hard to be found at short ski.

Even though it ultimately depends on your skiing style and skill level, you can always find what you are looking for at short skis. If you're an advanced skier who enjoys freestyle skiing or skiing in tight spaces, shorter skis may are a great option.

If you're a beginner skier, you can find a great support learning skiing with skiboards. What is your pair of choice? Let us know in the comments bellow! 

Gear up for your next winter adventure

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Simple answer:
Do you have fun with your short skis?
If you don’t, then they are too short.
However, if you have fun with your short skis, then they are not too short.



I own a pair of snowfeet skiboards 65 cm and they’re absolutely awesome!

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