SNOWFEET* TUTORIAL | How to Master and Maintain Your Snowfeet*

SNOWFEET* TUTORIAL | How to Master and Maintain Your Snowfeet* - snowfeet*

Although it might seem that Snowfeet* are almost like regular skis, downhill skiing is just one way how to enjoy them on the snow. They are special in their construction which makes them brand new sports gear. So, if you're new to Snowfeet*, you may use your skiing experience as an advantage, however, if you think it's going to be enough, you would miss a great portion of fun!


Is it Easy to Ski with Snowfeet*?

As with any sports gear you're going to master, Snowfeet* will demand your attention, your concentration, and your skills. If you don't Snowfeet* like a pro for the first time, just don't give up and keep on trying. It may take some time to get used to not having the length of regular skis on your feet. However, you'll surely get into it quicker than you might think

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1. What is the Perfect Body Posture with Snowfeet*?

A common mistake among beginners is that they spread their legs too wide and have difficulty controlling their rides. Instead, you want to spread your legs to shoulder width. You can also place one foot in front of the other if you want to increase your stability and gain balance during the ride.


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2. What is the Ideal Weight Distribution with Snowfeet*?

Don’t lean forward like you would do with skis, because you don't have the support of regular-length skis to hold you and with almost inevitable certainty, you would fall down. Instead, stand up straight and place your weight over the middle and back of your feet. However, if you ski backwards, place your weight over your toes to keep the heels a bit above the ground.


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3. Can you Skate with Snowfeet*?

The best way to start your ride is to skate like a hockey player. Find a flat snowy terrain to get used to the motion and explore how your Snowfeet* react. You can also use your Snowfeet* for cross-country skiing. If you want to know more about cross-country skiing with Snowfeet*, you can continue reading HERE. Using a ski lift is pretty much the same as with skis. 

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4. How do you Stop with Snowfeet*?

You can brake the same way that you stop with skis or ice skates, by pushing the edges of your Snowfeet* sideways to create the necessary friction. Unlike with skis, where you place your weight over your inner ski, stopping is a little bit harder with Snowfeet* so distribute your weight evenly over both feet. If you need to slow down, simply use a heel brake. 

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1. How should I Take Care of the Snowfeet* Base?

In case you want to tune the metal edges, use a special handy tuner, for example, our own sharpening stone or have the edges tuned in a ski service shop. You will probably cut parts of the plastic material during the tuning process, but that’s ok because it has an insignificant effect on using Snowfeet* on the snow.
Snowfeet Skiskates

We recommend tuning mainly the base edges. You can also wax the base to make your Snowfeet* even faster and to prevent the snow from sticking on the bottom of your Snowfeet*. We recommend the Liquid Wax that you can find in our Accessories section here. Keep the metal edges dry after each use to prevent them from rusting. You can also wipe the edges using oil before storage.


2. How can I Adjust the Snowfeet* Bindings to Fit my Boots?

In case you want to use Snowfeet* with small size shoes, select different holes on the strap and adjust the bindings using a screwdriver. Then, if necessary, cut off the remaining part of the strap.

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3. How should I Use the Replacement Straps for my Snowfeet*?

You can use the extra straps in 2 ways. 

  • Replace the front toe straps in case you use very large boots and the original toe straps are too short.
  • Replace the back ankle strap in case you use very small boots and the original ankle strap is too long. In both cases, you might need to replace the buckles.
  • See the whole collection of replacement straps in case you might be in need of some. 


4. Can I See How I should Use my Snowfeet*?

So, you've got the basics, now it's time to head on to the slopes! Remember, practice makes perfect, so don't give up and start over and over again until you're a pro!




Let us know how you're doing, we are curious to know!

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Anna from Snowfeet*

Anna from Snowfeet*

Hi Melissa,
you cannot use Snowfeet on ice – they are more of a pair of skis, rather than skates for ice.
They are amazing for cross country skiing, though. They are much lighter than regular cross country skis, allowing easy and free movement.



That tutorial was funny and very good. Iam going to be probably be purchasing these when I save up some money. Thanks!

Melissa Labonte

Melissa Labonte

Can you actually skate on ice ? Also can you cross country ski with these ?

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