Warning - Chinese Counterfeits / Cheap Knock - Offs / Amazon, Aliexpress, Wish, Ebay

Snowfeet - Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, Wish counterfeits

Snowfeet has been experiencing a problem with companies producing and selling cheap counterfeit knock-offs of our products. These companies are mostly based in China and the products are being sold on Amazon, Aliexpress, Wish, Ebay and such platforms. 

We have gone ahead and ordered some of the fakes being currently sold in the market to demonstrate the poor quality. As per the images below you can see how badly they are constructed. The edges are covered with plastic at some points. The experience using these will be very frustrating so we recommend you get the real original Snowfeet product instead. Our products are made of high quality materials. We made sure every detail is as it should be for the product to perform well.

These counterfeits are very poorly built using cheap materials and are failing at alarming rate. Most of them are even marketed under our name and using some of our pictures. 

Snowfeet has been working on getting these fake versions off the shelves, but make sure to use a common sense and do your own research before buying such product. It may seem that you can get it cheaper, but you will be very unhappy with the functionality of these counterfeits.

Most of the fakes also have a build that makes you unable to turn on the snow, it happens with this kind of counterfeit (picture below) that we also tested. Such models usually dont even have metal edges and are only plastic. 


To conclude these are the most fails we noticed on the counterfeits products:

  • Very bad quality bindings
  • Metal edges covered in leftover plastic/badly attached
  • Some don't even have metal edges and its impossible to turn with such
  • Poor quality materials that make sliding hard on the snow
  • No customer support and no possibility of return
  • Cheap plastic makes them easily breakable 



Edges Poorly attached, often do not work High quality metal ski edges
Material Cheap plastic/easily breakable Durable fiberglass reinforced plastic
Bindings Bad quality, often not adjustable  Durable and Adjustable
Heel brake Not existing On the back for easy slowing
Accessories Often none Bag, extra straps and screws and a sticker


We already experienced people emailing us that their Snowfeet broke, after seeing the pictures we immediately know that they bought a counterfeit and are contacting us instead of the buyer, as they are not responding anymore.

FUN fact: Selling counterfeits is actually considered a criminal activity and is second highest organized crime revenue wise. Right after selling drugs.

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