Are Snowfeet, Skiskates & Skiboards Allowed at Ski Resorts?

Are Snowfeet, Skiskates & Skiboards Allowed at Ski Resorts?

When buying Snowfeet or skiboards, many customers worry if these alternative skis are allowed in ski resorts and snowparks. Let's make it clear once and for all.  

Are Snowfeet allowed on ski slopes?

The rules regarding the use of Snowfeet can vary depending on the ski resort and local regulations. While some ski resorts may allow the use of Snowfeet, others may not. It's important to check with the specific ski resort you plan to visit regarding their policy on Snowfeet. 

However, based on our experience the vast majority of ski resort, ski slopes and snow parks both in the Europe and U.S. allow Snowfeet, as well as skiboards, snowblades and skiblades. But just in case, make sure to be nice to the lift operator.

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In summary, if you want to play it safe, call the resort in advance and make sure Snowfeet are ok. But it's not actually necessary because the odds of being banned because of Snowfeet are very, very low. 

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