Snowblades - All You Need To Know | Skiboards | Snowblades | Skiblades | Short Skis

Snowblades - All You Need To Know | Skiboards | Snowblades | Skiblades | Short Skis

Snowblading, also known as skiboarding, is a winter sport that has gained popularity over the years. It is a type of skiing that involves using short, twin-tip skis that are usually less than 100cm long. In this article, we will answer some of the most common questions about snowblading.

What is Snowblade?

Snowblade is a type of short ski that has a length ranging from 70cm to 100cm. Snowblades are also known as skiboards and are much shorter than traditional skis, making them easier to control and maneuver. These skis are typically wider and have more pronounced sidecuts, making them ideal for carving and quick turns. 



What are snow blades used for?

Snowblades are used for a variety of skiing techniques, including carving, moguls, and freestyle skiing. These skis are easier to control, making them ideal for beginners and people who want to have fun on the slopes without the technical skills required for traditional skiing.

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Are snowblades still a thing?

Yes, snowblades are still a popular winter sport, especially among those who prefer a more relaxed approach to skiing. Snowblades are also widely used in freestyle skiing and have become a favorite among skiers who want to perform tricks and jumps.

What is the history of snowblades?

Snowblading was first introduced in the 1990s as a response to the demand for a more fun and relaxed approach to skiing. The original snowblades were developed by Salomon and were intended for use in snow parks and terrain parks.

Skiboards, snowblades, short ski, skiblades by Snowfeet. These short mini skis are the greatest fun you can possibly have on a mountain as a skier, plus they're super easy to learn!

Is snowblading easy?

Snowblading is generally considered to be easier than traditional skiing because of the shorter length of the skis. Snowblades are also easier to control and require less technical skill than traditional skiing.


Are snow blades good for kids?

Yes, snowblades are an excellent choice for kids because of their short length and ease of control. Snowblades allow kids to enjoy skiing without the need for extensive training and technical skills.

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How Do I Choose Snowblades?

Since there are plenty of different lengths and sizes of snowblades, it can be puzzling to pick the right one straight away. Let us give you a hand and ideas to consider before purchasing snowblades. 

Skill Level

Consider your skiing ability. If you're a beginner, you might want to start with shorter and more forgiving snowblades that are easier to control. However, do not pick snowblades shorter than 90 cm - they might be challenging in terms of keeping the balance. Intermediate and advanced skiers can opt for longer and more performance-oriented models, especially if they enjoy carving and fast ride. 

Choose shorter snowblades (65 cm) if: 

  • you are a skater or hockey player and you want to try skiskating, a combination of skiing and skating on snow
  • you are looking for more freedom and possibilities in performing tricks 
  • you want to make short quick turns 
  • you want the first skis for your child
  • you want to ride across moguls 

Longer snowblades (99 or 120 cm) are a great choice if: 

  • you enjoy carving 
  • you want to ride fast 
  • you prefer skiing in powder 
  • you learn skiing and are looking for some beginner-friendly skis 


Snowblades range from 65cm to 120cm, giving you options galore! Smaller blades make it a breeze to maneuver for newcomers. But if shredding at warp speed or tackling deep pow is your jam, go longer for stability and superior performance!


Wider snowblades: more stability and flotation in soft snow, narrower blades: quicker edge-to-edge on groomed runs. Think about the terrain you ski on most!


Ensure the bindings are adjustable and compatible with your ski boots. Some models (all models by Snowfeet) have integrated bindings that are adjustable for different boot sizes. Make sure the bindings are easy to adjust and can securely hold your boots in place.

What boots do you use with short skis? 

Snowblades come in two versions: snowboard boot bindings and ski boot bindings. 

If you hate uncomfortable ski boots you will love snowblades because these short skis come in snowboard boot binding, too.

With short snowbladess ranging from 65 to 99 cm, you can wear either ski boots or snowboard boots - the choice is yours. Pick whatever feels most comfortable. 

Longer snowblades (up to 120 cm) are suitable for ski boots only, because only then we can ensure a proper grip of your ankles. However, both 65 and 99 cm skiblades come in ski boots version, too. 

Do you use poles with snowblades?

It is not necessary to use poles when skiing on snowblades. However, some people prefer to use poles for balance and stability when skiing.

Is snowblading or skiing easier?

Snowblading is generally considered to be easier than skiing because of the shorter length of the skis. However, this does not mean that snowblading is less challenging or less fun than traditional skiing.

What material is snow blade?

Snowblades are made from a variety of materials, including wood, aluminum, and carbon fiber. The choice of material depends on the manufacturer and the intended use of the skis.

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Why are snowblades banned in some resorts?

This is largely a myth. It is very rare to be banned from a skiresort with snowblades, just as it is rare to be banned with snowboard. Some ski patrol teams claim that snowblades can be hard to control, especially when traveling at high speeds. However, the ban on snowblades has been lifted in most ski resorts in recent years.

What's the difference between snow blades and skiboards?

There is no difference between snow blades and skiboards. These terms are used interchangeably to refer to the short, twin-tip skis used in snowblading.


Skiboards, snowblades, short ski, skiblades by Snowfeet. These short mini skis are the greatest fun you can possibly have on a mountain as a skier, plus they're super easy to learn!

This has been an ultimate "All You Need to Know" about Snowblades. Do you have any questions? Let us know in the comment! 



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Anna from Snowfeet*

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