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Mini Skis for Adults | Best Short Skis - snowfeet*

Mini skis, also known as short skis or skiboards, are becoming increasingly popular among adult skiers. They offer a unique and thrilling experience on the slopes, combining the speed and excitement of skiing with the agility and ease of snowboarding. In this article, we'll explore the world of mini skis for adults and highlight some of the best options available on the market.

Best mini skis

What are Mini Skis?

Mini skis are essentially short skis that are designed to be easier to maneuver and more forgiving than traditional skis. They typically range in length from around 75cm to 110cm, and are wider than regular skis, which makes them more stable and easier to balance on. Mini skis can be used in a variety of skiing styles, including carving, freestyle, and powder skiing.

Snowfeet mini skis - skiskates skiboards snowblades short skis

Why Choose Mini Skis?

There are several reasons why you might want to choose mini skis over traditional skis. Firstly, they are much easier to learn on, making them perfect for beginners or those who want to improve their skiing skills. Their shorter length means that they are easier to maneuver and control, which makes them less intimidating for new skiers.

Skiboards by Snowfeet short skis mini skis

Secondly, mini skis are great for those who enjoy park skiing or freestyle skiing. Their smaller size makes them perfect for tricks and stunts, and their wider design makes them more stable when landing jumps or rails.

Skiboards short skis mini skis by Snowfeet skiblades snowblades

Finally, mini skis are perfect for those who want a fun and exciting experience on the slopes. They are fast, nimble, and can be used in a variety of different conditions, making them a great choice for adventurous skiers who want to try something new.

Best Mini Skis for Adults

1. Snowfeet Skiboards 65, 99, or 120 cm

Choose length that suits you best

Skiboards by Snowfeet pay partial an homage to Big Foot Skiboards but they take the idea of short and wide skis several steps further. 

65 cm Skiboards provide an experience close to skiskating: they are very short and light, allowing you to move similarly to skating. Riding 65 cm Skiblades require a little bit more of a stability but if you are a hockey player or roller-blader, this is going to be a piece of cake for you. 
Skibaords 65 by Snowfeet Skiblades snowblades by Snowfeet

90 & 99 cm Skiboards are a great compromise in case you need some more support when it comes to stability, but you still feel want to move freely without any extra weight on your legs. They are perfect for beginners, too, since they are very easy to learn. 

Skiboards Snowblades Skiblades

120 cm Skiboards are the closest experience to skiing with long skis. However, these long skiblades have multiple advantages when it comes to long skis: they are easy to learn and maneuver, they provide additional stability, they are great for carving and snowparks and they are easily portable. 

Skiboards 120 cm by Snowfeet

Gear up for your next winter adventure

2. Snowfeet & Skiskates 

Both Snowfeet and Skiskates are mini skis by Snowfeet. Though different in material, they share the same way of movement, similar to ice skating of roller blading. 

Snowfeet* are made of highly durable fiberglass reinforced material. The base is equipped with metal ski edges to enable easy stopping. Heel brake helps you slow down when you don't feel adventurous enough. However, the real game-changer in these is the bindings. These were developed especially to fit any winter boots or eventually snowboard boots. 

Skiskates, on the other hand, are very similar to traditional skis, made with high-quality technology, consisting of cap construction and wood core. We've made these with two different kinds of bindings for you to choose from, so you may use these either with your ski boots or with your snowboard boots.  

Skiskates mini skis by Snowfeet


3. Elan Freeline Skis

These mini skis are perfect for freestyle skiing, with a twin-tip design that allows for easy spins and stunts. They also feature a wood core construction that provides excellent stability and durability.

4. Head Strong Instinct Ti Pro Skis

These mini skis are perfect for advanced skiers who want a high-performance option. They feature a metal laminate construction that provides excellent edge control and stability, as well as a wider design that makes them great for powder skiing.

5. K2 Fatty Skis

These mini skis are perfect for park skiing, with a wide and stable design that makes them great for tricks and jumps. They also feature a durable construction that can withstand the rigors of park skiing.

6. Rossignol Trickstick Skis

These mini skis are perfect for those who want to take their freestyle skiing to the next level. They feature a twin-tip design that allows for easy spins and stunts, as well as a durable construction that can handle the impact of landing jumps.


Mini skis are a great choice for adults who want to experience the thrill of skiing in a new and exciting way. They are easy to learn on, versatile, and can be used in a variety of different skiing styles. With the right pair of mini skis, you can take your skiing to the next level and enjoy a fun and exciting experience on the slopes.

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