How to Use Skiboards, Snowblades, Skiblades & Big Foot

How to Use Skiboards, Snowblades, Skiblades & Big Foot - snowfeet*

Skiboards are apart from skis and snowboards the third and often omitted option when it comes to winter sports. And we dare to say probably the best one, especially when it comes to beginners. 

In this article, we will tackle the basics of how to ride skiboards as both masters and beginners and we will answer the most common questions. Let's get into it. 

But first, a bit of vocabulary to get started with: skiboards, snowblades, skiblades and Big Foot are in general short skis of wide base. 

SKiboards, snowblades, skiblades, snowfeet, mini skis, short skis,

What is the difference between snowblades and skiboards? 

There's no difference - they are just different names for the same short skis.

Their names differ from country to country and by producer to producer. Some call them skiboards, snowblades, skiblades, or even Big Foot - based on a product of a popular manufacturer in Europe. In this article, we will be calling them skiblades, skiboards and snowblades, but still, meaning the same thing - short skis with wider base. 


Gear up for your next winter adventure

Are skiboards easier than skis? 

Yes, they absolutely are. Skiboards are by far the most suitable equipment for everybody who finds long skis too difficult to ride or too heavy and clunky. 
Skiboards the answer to all beginners struggling to learn skiing.

In comparison to skis, skiboards are: 

  • wider, providing great stability
  • shorter and therefore easier to maneuver, plus allowing a more natural and comfortable posture
  • lighter to carry around and carve 
  • available in two versions - for ski boots bindings and snowboard boots bindings so you can choose what fits you the best


skiboards, snowblades, skiblades, short skis, mini skis


 How long should my snowblades be? 

You can select skiboards from the range of lengths starting at 65 cm and going all the way to 120 cm. When choosing the right length, consider your proficiency level and preferred style of ride.

Choose longer skiboards (99, or 120 cm) if  you: 
  • want to ski fast 
  • love to plow the powder
  • want to carve
  • are a beginner and would use an extra support of longer and wider skiboards
skiboards, snowfeet, skiblades, snowbldes, short skis, mini skis

Choose short skiboards (65 cm) if you:

  • want to make short, quick turns
  • want to ride accross moguls 
  • want more freedom in movement and performing tricks
  • enjoy the combination of skiing and skating on snow
  • want skiboards for your child 
skiboards, snowblades, skiblades, short skis, mini skis, snowfeet


Gear up for your next winter adventure

Do you use poles with skiboards? 

Yes, you can use poles, if you feel like using extra support. But once you feel comfortable on your snowblades, you can throw the poles away and enjoy the ride.  

What boots do you wear with snow blades?

You can choose from ski boot bindings or snowboard boots bindings for your skiboards. It's just up to you what feels most comfortable. However, for longer skiboards we recommend ski boots to ensure proper fixation of your ankle. 

skiboards, skiblades, snowblades, snowfeet, mini skis, short skis

How do you skiboard?


For beginners

First, let's have a look at the basics of how to skiboard. If you are a master, you can skip to some tricks and extra tips bellow. 

1. How to start the ride on snowblades?

To get started, push your legs sideways, similarly to starting the ride on rollerblades or on skates.

Take advantage of skiboards' short length which allows you to combine the motions of skating and skiing without using the poles and start your ride similarly to skaters or rollerbladers. If you have ever tried Snowfeet or Skiskates, you already got this. 

skiboards, snowblades, skiblades, snowfeet, mini skis

2. How do you use a skiboard?

Once you got a grasp on starting your ride, it's time to focus on the ride itself. 

When you are a beginner and prefer a slower, more controlled ride, point the tips of your skis toward each other and push on the inside edges of the skiblades.

 If you want to turn, put the weight on the opposite leg: if you want to turn right, put weight on your left leg, if you want to turn left, put the weight on your right leg. 

Once you feel comfortable riding your snowblades slowly, you can straighten your skiboards a little bit to go faster

3. How do you stop on skiblades?

Stopping is similar to stopping with skis. Turn sharply to one side with both skiblades.

Skiboards, snowblades, skiblades, short skis, mini skis, snowfeet

Choose from different lengths

4. How to carve on skiboards? 

If you prefer longer skiblades, you will probably enjoy some carving too. Some basic tips on how to carve with skiblades:

  • put the right leg slightly in front of the left if you want to turn right
  • put your left leg in front of your right leg, if you want to turn left 
  • put the weight on the outside edge of the leg in front and on the inside edge of the other leg 
  • speed up a little

skiboards, skiblades, snowblades, short skis, mini skis

Skiboarding tricks 

If you feel like trying something more, or you have been riding skiboards for a while let's see what's in stock for you. 

1. Carving

Carving is the basic trick but still pretty impressive. Speed up your ride and tilt your skiboards on their edges. 

carving skiboards, snowblades, skiblades, short skis, mini skis, snowfeet


2. Corkscrew 

Spin around like opening a bottle of wine. 

skiboards, snowblades, skiblades, snowfeet, short skis, trick, mini skis, Big foot

3. One leg

Test your balance and try to ride on one foot. 

 4. Jumps

Enjoy the snowparks' opportunities and believe that you can fly with your skiboards. 

skiboards,  snowblades, skiblades, short skis, mini skis, snowfeet

5. Spinning 

Take as many as you can! 180, 360, 720, 900, or even 1080 degrees. 

Skiboards, snowblades, skiblades, short skis, mini skis, snowfeet

6. Moonwalk on skiboards

Inspired by the king of pop, become the king of slopes. 

skiboards, snowfeet, skiblades, snowblades, short skis, miniskis

These have been only a few tricks you can pull on your skiboards. Can you perform something more spectacular? Let us know in the comments below.  

Snowblading is the ultimate winter sport which can provide endless opportunities to all categories of winter sport lovers. Have you tried skiboarding yet? Let us know what do you think! 

'Til next time, folks. 

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Anna from Snowfeet*

Anna from Snowfeet*

Hello Kate,

Thank you for commenting. Yes, they are actually much more easier for older skiers than the long clunky skis.

Snowblades are very light and easy to control, so you don’t need to put too much pressure on your knees to turn or stop.

They are also very forgiving, when it comes to making mistakes.

Let me know if we can help with anything else.


Kate S.

Kate S.

Are snowblades easy even for older skiers?

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