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Short vs. long skis is a hotspot in most of ski debates. Every skiers and every ski manufacturer believes that they know the truth. Let's look into this eternal dispute in today's article.

What do shorter skis mean?

Short skis are typically less than 160 cm in length. They are lighter, more maneuverable and easier to turn, which makes them ideal for beginners, terrain parks, and moguls. They are also lighter and require less effort to control, which can be less tiring for skiers. Short skis are also perfect for anybody trying to perform new trick or just trying to enjoy the snow in a new way. 

What do longer skis mean?

Long skis are typically over 170 cm in length. They provide stability at high speeds and more edge grip on hard snow. They are ideal for advanced skiers who enjoy carving turns on groomed runs or tackling steep, ungroomed terrain. 

However, if you are not currently training for the Olympics, you will probably not appreciate the advantages of long skis. Long skis are for most of skiers too clunky and heavy. In a snowpark or on a slope, you will have more fun with short skis, which are easy to control and fun to slide.  

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Can you use shorter skis than recommended?

Yes, you can! Short skis bring actually many advantages to skiers of all proficiency levels. 

Advantages of Shorter Skis:
  1. Maneuverability: Shorter skis are generally more maneuverable, making them easier to turn and control, especially for beginners or those skiing in tight spaces like moguls or trees.
  2. Easier Learning: Shorter skis are often recommended for beginners because they are more forgiving and responsive. They require less effort to initiate turns and can boost confidence as you learn the basics of skiing.
  3. Playfulness: Shorter skis can feel more playful and allow for quicker edge-to-edge transitions, which can be fun for freestyle skiing or terrain park activities.

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Is it bad if my skis are too short?

Quite the opposite!
Contrary to a wide-spread belief, short skis are in many cases better than long skis. They are suitable for a wider range of skiers than longer skis and they bring many more benefits on the slopes. Whether you are a beginner or a free-style lover, you will have a blast riding short skis. Skiing with short skis also allows to progress at much faster pace than with long skis. You can go from rookie to an intermediate skier within a day thanks to a fast learning curve. 

To learn more check our article giving more information. 

Is it easier to ski with longer or shorter skis?

In general, shorter skis are more maneuverable and easier to turn, which can be great for beginners or skiers who prefer a more playful, freestyle skiing style. Shorter skis are also typically lighter and require less effort to control, which can be less tiring for the skier.

Short skis provide a great variety of lengths, so you can always pick from short ski skates which are similar to skating, or opt for longer skiboards which allow provide great freedom, when skiing. 

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Longer skis, on the other hand, can be more stable at higher speeds and provide more float in deeper powder.

To sum up, for most of the skiers short skis are easier to maneuver and also to learn. The provide huge amount of agility but they remain stable at the same time. 

If you want to learn more about the difference in skiing with long and short skis, you can watch this video:

How can I ski more effortlessly?

Skiing can be tiring when choosing wrong technique and wrong equipment. We can give you only a few tips about the right technique in our articles. But we can surely give you the right equipment. 

When you want to make your skiing effortless, light and unrestricting equipment is the key. Short skis will give you enough freedom to enjoy your ride without dragging your heavy skis around. 

You can learn how to skiskate following this simple tutorial. 

Do shorter skis make you go slower? 

No, they don't. Not necessarily. The length of skis can affect the speed at which a skier can travel, but it's not a simple relationship between shorter skis and slower speeds.

Shorter skis can be super nimble and easier to whip around, letting skiers bust out quicker and more frequent turns. This can actually crank up a skier's speed in certain situations, like tearing through a slalom race course.

Longer skis provide more stability at high speeds, which can allow skiers to travel faster without losing control. However, you are not very likely to develop such speed to actually recognize a prominent difference between short and long ski. 

 Tips for Skiing with Shorter Skis 

If you are new to skiing with shorter skis, there are a few tips that can help you get started:
  1. Begin on gentle slopes: It's crucial to start on gentle slopes when learning to ski with shorter skis. Keep to well-maintained trails and gradually progress to more demanding terrain as you gain expertise.
  2. Adjust your stance: With shorter skis, you may need to adjust your stance slightly to maintain balance and control. Keep your weight centered over your skis and avoid leaning too far forward or back.
  3. Use your edges: Shorter skis are great for carving turns, so make sure to use your edges to initiate turns and control your speed.
  4. Practice, practice, practice: Like with any new skill, practice is key. Spend time on the slopes practicing with your shorter skis, and you'll quickly gain confidence and improve your technique.
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In overall, short skis have many advantages in comparison to long skis: skiing is lighter and more fun, they are easier to learn and they are less strenuous when it comes to turning and maneuvering. 

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I love my 99 skiblades! Much easier to handle the moguls in the afternoon and gentler on my knees. But I’d love to try the 120 short skis for better carving. What is the difference between 99 and 120 models?



What about powder? Can I take these off-piste?

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Anna from Snowfeet*

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the best place to get them is our website

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