Foldable Sled - Complete Guide

Foldable Sled - Complete Guide - snowfeet*

Did you have a sled as a small kid? Do you still remember the endless joy of sliding them down the hill, then running up and sliding again? What happened to your old sled? Broken? Forgotten in your parents' attic? Too big to move around with you? Do you prefer skis when you decide to go out in the winter?

What if I tell you that in Snowfeet, we have found a way to bring this joy back? We invented the only sled that is small enough to fit in your backpack, it is foldable and it is the only sled you can wear when skiing.

We give you Assled

Assled, Snowfeet, short skis, foldable sled, sledding

Gear up for your next winter adventure

What are roll-up sleds made of? 

Roll-up sleds are usually made of plastic, inflatable or firm, or foam matt. 

A plastic sled is often thin enough to be rolled up and smooth enough to provide the necessary sliding effect. The problem with the thin plastic material is the missing protective layer. In other words - your ass will feel every bulge and bump on the hill. And remember, you are no longer five, you will definitely feel it in the morning. 

Inflatable sleds are comfortable enough to avoid a sore back after riding them down the hill and their great advantage is that they come in many shapes and colors. Imagine sliding down the hill on a huge pink unicorn! 

Being inflatable is also their biggest peril since it can take only a small bump or a sharp stone to lose your beloved unicorn sled. You should always bring a pump, too, to avoid any softening of your sled. 

Foam sled, such as Assled is on the other hand made from foam which will absorb any surface irregularities. The Assled surface is covered in strong tarpaulin canvas to ensure both high durability and a very fast ride. 

Assled, foldable sled, snowfeet, short skis

Assled is equipped with straps that allow you to fold them up and fasten them on your body. Like that, you can enjoy a hands-free ride, wear them on your body, or wear them when skiing. So when you fall you can turn your fall into another, funnier ride! 

Assled, foldable sled, sledding, snowfeet, short skis


Available in multiple colours

Is foam sled better than plastic?

A foam sled is better than plastic because it's foldable, very light, and can be easily carried around in your backpack. A foam sled is more ass-friendly than a plastic sled because it contains an extra inner foam layer that prevents you from feeling every bump on your way down the hill. 

Plastic sleds are usually either easy to damage (inflatable sled) or too uncomfortable to ride (roll-up plastic sled). 

Assled, foldable sled, sledding, snowfeet, short skis

  Sleds alternatives. 

You might ask: What can I use instead of a sled? 

  • a plastic bag
  • a big pot
  • a raft
  • a bathtub 
  • an inflatable wheel
  • an inflatable swan 
  • your ass 
  • your friend
  • basically anything you can fit on and can slide on snow

What are the best snow sleds for adults?

The best snow sleds are the ones that allow you to have the most fun. The best snow sleds will help you rediscover the child within.

Assled, sledding, foldable sled, snowfeet, short skis

No matter if you choose a foam Assled or a huge pink flamenco - the only important thing is to enjoy the ride.


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