Two college dropouts developed the shortest skis in the world – Snowfeet!

Two college dropouts developed the shortest skis in the world – Snowfeet!

Have you ever wished to have more freedom in the snow? This new winter sport called Snowfeet is essentially like ice skates for ski slopes – a combination of skiing and skating. These portable attachments turn your snowboard boots or winter shoes into ski skates.

„You won't find an easier way to enjoy yourself in the snow" (Gear Culture).

Snowfeet originates and are manufactured in a small hill country in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic. These mini skis were developed by two longtime college friends. In 2018, Michael Podesva and Zbynek Suba has decided to leave college and fully get into their business in order to create the shortest skis in the world. Similar experiments and products have appeared several times but no one never made it so far to create a real sport. Therefore, Michael and Zbynek decided to develop a perfect one and to make it an Olympic sport one day the same way that Burton helped to create snowboarding.

The company named the same as the product Snowfeet wants to spread this new winter sport all over the world! Asked about their hopes for their product: “Our goal is to spread this new winter sport all over the world and hopefully make it an Olympic sport one day,” Michael said.

The compactness and portability of Snowfeet allow users to go to places where ordinary snowboard or ski will encounter difficulty. The good thing about this is that you can use these skis without using any special ski boots. This is simply plugged and play snow skates that take you through the snow with incredible ease. You can use them even for cross-country skiing.

„Far more portable – and affordable – than traditional skis or snowboards“ (UNCRATE).
Zbynek and Michael claim: “We’re on a mission to make these ski skates a new big thing among winter sports! “


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  • Courtney Labb

    This company runs like it is owned by good friends. I was so impressed with how quickly my questions were responded to and the generousity and thoughtfulness that went into the interactions. Snowfeet are fun, challenging (I haven’t been skiing for 30 years!) and a fantastic workout! I recommend them for anyone looking to try something new and athletic in the snowy weather!

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