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So you've finally decided to throw away those heavy, bulky and annoying long skis and enter the wonderful world of the short skis. What an exciting plan! However, you'll soon be about to find out that that's not the only decision you have to make. There is not just one type of short ski and the more you're trying to get to the bottom of it, the more options get in your way. 

Don't lose hope just yet, we're here to help. We've been there as well so we know what to focus on. We'll give you the solid ground so that you can make the right decision for yourself and enjoy the best the short skis have to offer!


Snowfeet ski skates


As you probably already know, we are producers of a wide range of short skis, from our ultimate best-seller Snowfeet*, through Skiskates up to our newest Snowblades. The biggest dilemma comes when you want to decide between Snowfeet* and Skiskates. So, why don't we have a look at these two and make it clear so that there are no more doubts left? This is what you should consider before making your exciting purchase.


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What is the Difference between Snowfeet* and Skiskates?

Let's start with the basics, shall we? We will look at the construction of these first to know if that's something to consider.  

Snowfeet* are made of highly durable fiberglass reinforced material. The base is equipped with metal ski edges to enable easy stopping. Heel brake helps you slow down when you don't feel adventurous enough. However, the real game-changer in these is the bindings. These were developed especially to fit any winter boots or eventually snowboard boots. 

Snowfeet features

Skiskates, on the other hand, are very similar to traditional skis, made with high-quality technology, consisting of cap construction and wood core. We've made these with two different kinds of bindings for you to choose from, so you may use these either with your ski boots or with your snowboard boots.  

Snowfeet Skiskates models

What to Consider before Purchasing Snowfeet* or Skiskates?


1. Footwear

The first thing you should be thinking about is the footwear that you'd like to use with your short skis. You might be comfortable in your ski boots or snowboard boots and especially these two kinds of shoes will provide you with a great deal of control over your short skis. If you're a fan of these, you would probably like to choose Skiskates. You can choose either ski boot bindings or snowboard boot bindings and you will be perfectly fine with what you're already used to. If you're a snowboarder, you may use also Snowfeet II or Snowfeet X with your snowboard boots. 

Snowfeet Skiskates boots

However, there are downsides when it comes to special boots, you have to carry them around and they are just for one purpose, you just can't have these ready anywhere you go. But guess what? Snowfeet* are designed to be used with your regular winter boots so you can always just put them on and go! It's as simple as that. We have, however, some recommendations when it comes to your winter boots, in particular, it is reasonable to choose boots that have some level of ankle support to keep your bones safe and also to give you the necessary control over your Snowfeet*.




2. Activity


One reason people are choosing short skis over regular ones is to be able to manoeuvre with these more easily, not to feel heavy on their feet and to help with the basics of skiing when they're just starting to enjoy this wonderful sport. Considering this intended purpose of use and the skiing activity, the best partner for this would definitely be the Skiskates. These are made to make your skiing easier and more fun and they're quite at home on the slopes. You can't go wrong with these if you want to enjoy skiing and you will probably forget about your super-long ski right away you try these.

Snowfeet Skiskates


So let's say you want to slide down some hill while you're on a hiking trip or you want to just have some fun with kids on a local sledding hill. This is exactly the right time to grab your Snowfeet*, put them on your winter boots and head out! Snowfeet* are brilliantly versatile and lightweight as well, you can just pop them in your backpack and take them with you anywhere. You will have fun with these either going downhill or taking any snowy trail or path you meet on your way. Also, if you like to cross-country ski, Snowfeet* would be your best friend for this activity as well.

Snowfeet ski skates


3. An Adult or a Kid?


If you are deciding between Snowfeet* or Skiskates, you might notice that there is a size range for both of these that you have to follow. As an adult, you might find yourself outside the usual sizes and in that case, Snowfeet* would not fit you. Don't worry because if this is your case, Skiskates can save you. Skiskates fit ski boots sizes of 36-49 EU / 4.5-14.5 US. If you prefer snowboard boots, then you have to be within the sizes 38-49 EU / 6-14.5 US. Snowfeet* have the smallest size range, which is obvious because they are smaller than Skiskates, however, still fit the regular sizes from 6-13 US / 38-47 EU.

Snowfeet adjustment small size


If you're planning to get short skis for your children, you might be tempted to get them Snowfeet* because they are the smallest skis you can get. However, there's one important thing to consider, apart from the length of skis, which is the size of the bindings. We've made the bindings of Snowfeet* adjustable enough to hold even the tiniest feet tight, you just have to bear in mind that it still might not be enough. Children's feet are soft and need good support and firm hold and Snowfeet* might just be too big for them. But only until we bring you the kids' version of Snowfeet*, which we are already working on. 

Snowfeet kids


We bet you've got your own concerns when it comes to the big decision... Snowfeet* or Skiskates? Just feel free to leave them in the comments section down below and we will look at it together and hopefully find a way out.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!



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