Snowfeet models comparison

Snowfeet models comparison

Not sure which model of Snowfeet is right for you? Let's take a closer look!

Snowfeet Basic

Snowfeet basic is the most affordable and cheapest model we offer. This model is recommended for people who do are willing to sacrifice higher quality for lower price. The reason we created this model is to lower the price as much as we can to make Snowfeet affordable to anyone. While we think this is a noble goal, you should know we had to use cheaper materials to achieve that so this particular model is not as durable as the Snowfeet II and Snowfeet X models. If you don't want to spend money, but still want to try it out, these might be the right ones for you. 

To make sure they are still very good in snow, we did not make much sacrifices when it comes to edges and the construction itself. Biggest difference though is the bindings where you can see that Basics have more plastic components opposed to other models. The bindings are a bit less durable and not as adjustable. Even though they are still pretty durable and will do the job.

Snowfeet II

Snowfeet II is the choice for most people, after all they are the second version of the first original Snowfeet I. Opposed to basics, the quality is much higher here. If you want to experience, what we always intended for people wanting to try out this new sport, these are the obvious choice. It’s a high-quality, durable product for an affordable price. 

This of course being the main and best selling product from our repertoire. Snowfeet II are improved version of the original Snowfeet I. We worked hard to perfect the edges, body and bindings. They are more durable and have better bindings covered by cloth with a strap pocket. Great model for those who want the most fun on the snow. These also come with more color variants, you can choose from black, blue and red. The packaging contains an extra pair of straps for a better fit with Snowboard boots.

Snowfeet X

Snowfeet X is aimed at those who demand the best quality and want to experience the most fun on the slopes and are not afraid to take it to the next level. With the most durable construction we offer, they are suited for most situations. 


They not only have increased durability, but also very robust and easily adjustable bindings that are comfortable with any shoe. Snowfeet X is by far our best Snowfeet model.  Great for those who take this sport seriously and require the highest quality without a compromise.


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