SNOWFEET TUTORIAL | How to master and maintain your Snowfeet

SNOWFEET TUTORIAL | How to master and maintain your Snowfeet



A common mistake among beginners is that they spread their legs too wide and have difficulty controlling their ride. Instead spread your legs to shoulder width. You can also place one foot in front of the other if you want to increase your stability during the ride.

snowfeet tutorial one foot forward


Don’t lean forward like you would do with skis, because you would fall. Instead, stand up straight and place your weight over the middle and back of your feet. However, if you ski backwards, place your weight over your toes to keep the heels a bit above the ground.

snowfeet tutorial weight over your heels


The best way to start your ride is to skate like a hockey player. Using a ski lift is pretty much the same as with skis.



You can brake the same way that you stop with skis or ice skates. Unlike with skis, where you place your weight over your inner ski, stopping is a little bit harder with Snowfeet so distribute your weight evenly over both feet. If you need to slow down, simply use a heel brake.



In case you want to tune the metal edges, use a special handy tuner, for example, Kunzmann Swing – Cut / Carving Tuner or have the edges tuned in a ski service shop. You will probably cut parts of the plastic material during the tuning process, but that’s ok because it has an insignificant effect on using Snowfeet on the snow. We recommend tuning mainly the base edges. You can also wax the base to make your Snowfeet even faster. We recommend the Liquid Wax that you can find in our Accessories section here. Keep the metal edges dry after each use to prevent them from rusting. You can also wipe the edges using oil before storage.


In case you want to use Snowfeet with small size shoes, select different holes on the strap and adjust the bindings using a screwdriver. Then if necessary cut off the remaining part of the strap.


You can use the extra straps in 2 ways. 

  • Replace the front toe straps in case you use very large boots and the original toe straps are too short.

  • Replace the back ankle strap in case you use very small boots and the original ankle strap is too long. In both cases, you might need to replace the buckles.

To learn more about how to use Snowfeet, check out our video on youtube.

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