Cross-Country Skiing with Snowfeet*

Snowfeet cross country

Have you ever wished to enjoy winter nature and scenery without wearing long skis that do not allow you to get to places that are unique?



Can Cross-Country skiing be made easier?

If you imagine that you have to ski on long narrow skis, with wobbly shoes that you have to attach to those skis and try to maintain your balance on them with a loose heel, that might seem quite frightening, especially when you're about to go downhill.


Snowfeet cross country


And now imagine, that nothing of this is necessary for you to enjoy the beautiful winter scenery while going on cross-country trails. We have developed a brand new winter product called Snowfeet* that allows you to experience cross–country skiing without having to carry around all the equipment. These portable attachments turn your snowboard boots or winter shoes into ski skates!

snowfeet mini ski skates snowskates crosscountry skiing hiking

When you've got Snowfeet*, all the uncertainties and dangers are gone.  You are staying in your comfort zone and you are enjoying the ride like you were just simply skating on snow!

This unique set of footwear can also be used for cross-country skiing, providing a good aerobic workout on flat trails“ (Digital Trends).



Do I have to Keep on the Cross-Country Trails?

The compactness and portability of Snowfeet* allow users to go to places beyond the well prepared cross-country trails. When you see a forest path or a shortcut through the trees, just go for it. Snowfeet* will let you go where no other winter gear will. 



What Shoes do I need to Use Snowfeet* for Cross-Country Skiing?

The greatest advantage of Snowfeet* is that you don't need any special ski boots. You can use these with any winter shoes that should have a good ankle support or you can wear your snowboard boots as well. Snowfeet* are simply snap-on-and-go snow skates that take you through the snow with incredible ease. 


Plus, one size fits all!
 Snowfeet* are made to fit sizes 6-13 US / 38-47 EU and the binding is adjustable to hold firmly any shoe type. From now you can easily enjoy cross-country skiing in places you’ve long dreamed of!

mini ski snowskates hiking cross country ski short ski snowfeet skiskates

So wait no more and head out to explore new ways how to enjoy the winter with Snowfeet* any many more unique products that can be found in our store. With Snowfeet* there's nothing to stop you. Enjoy the freedom and dare for more!

Let us know how you're enjoying cross-country skiing with Snowfeet* in the comments below.



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